Five nights at smileys (Any game) answering questions


Hello I made this post to awnser any questions about my game five nights at smileys, i will take any questions.


Is Your Game "Five Nights At Smileys" In The Hopscotch Community Or At Least Made In Hopscotch? Because If It Isn't Then Your Post Is Spam.


It's a game I made in the hopscotch app.


It's a game I made in the hopscotch app.


OK Just Wondering.
P.S. Why Did You Say It Twice?


Nice game! Just wondering, when did you make it?

(P.S. I hope you don't mind I corrected a misspelled word in the title. Things like that bug me so much :grin:)


I dint think it sent.


I made it last year the first and until origins I made very recently. My new username is joewheels2. Also I'm uploading another one very soon! It's called five nights at smileys NIGHTMARES. Demo is out now for playing. Full game soon. Also that's okay that you fixed it. It doesn't bother me none.


This topic is older than 182 days old! I think you finished it, right? Are there any other FNAS games coming out?


Did the full game ever come out?


Yeah, I was wondering about that, when did the forum start?


Cool.... 5 nights at smileys. I want to go there! Is this game out yet?


I think so! Go on Joewheels2's account to check it out :smiley:


The link to FNAS: Redemption is here!


Nobody knows
Lol :grinning:, and everyone was sad because they thought I left


I thought you left too :yum:

Welcome back!