#fitemeh [NaF CHALLENGE #3] [JANUARY 2018]


…the challenge was to develop a character that can play/exist in an already existing universe.

(e.g. a Pokemon Trainer avatar created for the Polemon games; a new hero for Overwatch; a racer for MarioKart; etc.)


How long have you been on the forum?: Less than a year, since September-ish
How long have you been on Hopscotch,if at all?: 2-3 years, though not active (had no idea that the community existed till the 2nd year
**How long have you been interested in art?**Since I was really young, but just now got really “serious” in it.
What is your preferred medium (colored pencil, pen, digital, etc.)? I usually use colored pencil on paper with marker, but sometimes digital
What work of art are you most proud of? Tell me a little about it.
Place said work of art here.

The two I have here I’m proud of because I think that they are my best examples of my art styles. (Idk;; )

Are monthly challenges often/not often enough for you to get them done?
I think that’s a good amount of time between challenges, and are often enough.
What is your preferred subject (humans, canines, dragons, landscapes, etc.)?
Is there anything else you would like me to know about yourself (optional)?



Woo, finished. This is my first decent drawing of 2018, yay!

This character has no name yet but she’s is based in the ‘Candy Crush’ franchise.
The lollipop in her hand is meant to represent one of the power ups you can use in the game

references I had to use cause imma slack kiddo

I had trouble coming up with colours so I used this site to help with that.
I also checked the screenshots on the App Store for the colour of the lollipop cause I deleted the app a while ago and I forgot :sweat_smile:

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@Serenity I finished the challenge! I hope I did this right though XD This fictional universe character is from a trilogy book series, and her name she was born with is Aren, but her street name is Willow. I think the drawing says the rest though, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Due to personal reasons I won’t be able to finish this challenge. I’m really sorry honestly. .-.


That’s perfectly okay :D

It’s not my job to control your life; you’re by no means obligated to bend to anyone’s agenda but your own.

Good luck with said personal affairs :)


I was soupr excited when I saw that I could PM @NaF through the group’s page, and really disappointed when it didn’t work ;-;

This is just a gentle reminder that today is January 15th, and I think I said I’d be closing entries on the 25th. Obviously if you don’t have time, you don’t have time, but if you wanted to submit an entry and it slowly slipped your mind, here’s a giant flag. I’ll send out another reminder on the 20th and the 24th for those who may have forgotten again or might want to submit last-minute entries.

Happy Art-ing!


I have a question for the challenge. Do apps count??


My entry! I’m busy rn so I’ll write the description later

EDIT: Here’s my attempt of an explaination

I chose to draw the character in a dreamy sort of landscape because I wanted to show the fantasy aspect of this ‘game’ without just a generic wizard outfit.

I made the field and sky using a complementary colour scheme to show the difference between two realms. The land itself also has a ‘split’ down the middle, showing the difference of a wasteland and grassy fields. I didn’t want the area to look too akin to earth though, there needed to be a clear difference between fantasy and reality.

The figure was blue as I wanted to make them look foreign to the scene around them, like an alien. The blue also looked very ‘technologic’ as if the being is of a higher standing than the place that they are at.

One more thing to point out is the path. I wanted to show that the game had an objective somehow, so I added the pathway. It’s long and winding, with the end so far ahead it is impossible to see what lies at the wand of the rainbow. Like this, I wanted the game’s objective to seem far away and to an extent, almost unreachable. The blacked out dead trees were added as little trip ups along the path to make the journey harder…

Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it! Also tell me if there are any spelling/ grammatical errors or if there are continuity or confusion issues.


OMG, you must be another fan of Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy … who’s your fav character?


Yeppers I am lol
Um, either June
or Day
ahh I can’t choose :000
what about you??


I think there’s been at least two Candy Crush entries already, so yes! That should be fine.


so heres my entry, and I have a bit to say about her

Here’s another one with more stuff

she is for a game called team fortress 2 (tf2)
why I created her and the process:
I created her because there are actually no females in team fortress 2 you can play as… she would probably be defense or support, as her weapons are pretty close range and powerful. but since her weapons are more powerful, she has shorter health. I created her with the Pyro and Medic in mind. (she is a lot like the Pyro, weapon and outfit-wise). she specializes in nuclear weapons and gases, and is Russian (because they have the most nuclear weapons overall). her strongest weapon is nuclear missiles, which she has about 10 of, while her least strongest is the pocket knife, which is for hand to hand combat. this middle weapon is like the Pyro’s but its a toxic gas.


So I finished early. But should I digitally color it? I already hand colored it though, but it might look better



If you’d like to, you may. :D


Ok, but I think I’ll just try to get a good quality photo


Long post coming, along with lots of fangirling.

My character is Princess Demiti. This character is in Breath of the Wild which is part of the Legends of Zelda universe. She is a Deku which is a race of humanlike creatures that appear in many of the games. This race does not actually appear in BotW, and I decided to use this race as my character. Demiti is the Deku champion, one of the few sent to defeat Ganon. They are equipped with a huge Divine Beast, and her’s is a beetle.

If you cannot see the text...

This character is not real or in the game,(in case it sounded like she was) but her race,(Deku) appear in other games. (Not the game I created her to be in, though they would be in there if she was part of it.

If you need more information about the game or character, or if anything seems confusing, feel free to ask. (Because there has to be some basic knowledge og the series to understand the character XP)

Sorry for the long post.

Edit: I don’t even know if I’m a member. Is it ok that I still did this?


Kaede is my favorite character. Definitely


My entry for this months challenge. Her name is Lyqua and she’s not for any particular game, but her powers are water based mostly and she’s pretty cool :slight_smile:


My entry. I’m not sure what video game she’s from since I’m not really a gamer, but its probably some medieval themed one. She’s a fierce warrior, and her weapon is obviously that battleax I failed on. I was gonna shade it, but I still don’t have a shading style I like, and it looks pretty cool the way it is so…
Her name is Harper and she’s a ball of anger and likes to drink and fight. Probably a bit too reckless for her own good.
I’m going to do more research on her universe later probably (if anyone has any ideas that’d be great I’m REALLY clueless in this department the only game I play is some hamster puzzle game from Japan)