#fitemeh [NaF CHALLENGE #3] [JANUARY 2018]


Hello, @NaF!

Welcome to a very long-awaited challenge (I apologize for that; high school happened :3)!

I always have trouble coming up with challenges that are both specific enough to be actual prompts but not so dictated that I receive fifty of the same entry. Hopefully this one will land right in the Goldilocks zone. Hopefully it will also be universal enough that everyone will be able to come up with something to draw! It’s also one that I may do myself, as I have some inspiration in mind.

your challenge >:D

Your challenge for the new year is to design your own video game character! Any video game works - combat, RPG, or even Candy-Crush-type games; whatever you like to play, or whatever sparks your inspiration. There aren’t many specific rules for this one, just a few things that I ask that you submit with your entry.

a) If your character belongs in/is intended for/was inspired by a specific game, please say so, and give the name of the game. This will help provide context.

b) Backstories are optional, but recommended. They may aid in the visual design process, and they might also help to explain why your character wears a panda onesie and carries a giant pair of scissors shaped like bunny ears.

c) Quite honestly, you could probably draw an existing video game character and I wouldn’t bat an eye, because I definitely don’t claim to know every game out there. If you do, I suppose that’s fine (but probably frowned upon, because that’s not the point of NaturalArt), but I’d like to hear why you chose that character for your entry and/or what you like about their design.

d) If I’ve deeply offended you because you do not play or like video games (sorry :grin:); you can design a character from any existing universe. Chances are, that universe probably has a game series out there!

Entries will be due around January 25, and I’ll try to announce them before the 31st. If someone would remind me when the day gets close, it would probably help more than harm the cause.

With the winners, I’m going to try to post some facts about sodium fluoride, NaF’s mascot molecule. Pay close attention, for they might become a part of the mythical next challenge (if it ever happens, of course)!

Much art,


YO OOOOO THIS IS A REALLY COOL CHALLENGE!!! im super hyped up for it hh hh hhh h,

i assume we’ll be submitting one image, right? i feel like i almost want to try drawing multiple (watch as i end up being completely late for the cha l len g e,)



I’ll probably just evaluate one, though, so just, , after you’ve drawn your soul away, tell me which one you like best out of the ones you’ve submitted. It’s only fair so we don’t have fifty of you and one of everyone else XD


ahh this is a cool challenge ;3

I have something in mind so I’ll sketch it out before I forget because I will in two seconds


This is so cool! I’m definitely signing up! :smiley:


THIS sounds like SOMUCH FUN


Can I do this, even if I am not in NAF?


This is so cool!
Is there still space? I understand that the club is bit old.
Great challenge!!


Is it alright if I take part in this challenge, even though I’m not in the club? It sounds really fun, and I think I’d like to use it to help me out with some character development stuff


WOH Okay, okay —

@SweeTeaStuffz Thanks; sweet! Can’t wait to see it!

@yaygirls Thanks; that’s awesome!

@ColorlessCanvas Th a n k -

@HopscotchRemixer Indeed you can. I usually post winners in the Sodium and Fluorine categories, and there is always an honorable mention from someone who isn’t formally in NaturalArt.

@Autumn_Leaves There are still 11 spots left by my count, so you can join by going to the group’s page and submitting a membership request. And yea, NaturalArt is years old, but NaF has only existed for about six months.

Also, there are some members who haven’t been active for months or longer, so I may send out an activity check just to see if they’re still active. If they’re not, more spots will open up!

@Dude73 ^^^^^^ the answer to HopscotchRemixer’s question should contain the knowledge you seek.


So I can’t win this challenge?


Honorable mention always receives a prize. :)

But it would be unfair for someone who isn’t in NaF to take away from the hard workers who filled out applications, so the honorable mention winners are announced separately from the Sodium and Fluorine winners.


But I did just fill out the paper work… on the PM I made


Yes, and I have yet to accept your entry. There are other people to take into consideration as well.


Oh ok…thanks. I understand now. Can’t wait to do the challenge


This is a great challenge! Just one question, I’m a bit confused about this.

Does this mean from any fictional world?


Yeah! Any fictional world works.


I made a Justine Trenzo.

Universe: I don’t know, I was just testing out my markers and decided, “hey, I should do the art thingy. I has pop colors that are often used in “retro” games” so yeah. I didn’t see it say anywhere in the rules that they had to be part of an existing universe. Like ChickenGirl said she isn’t for a game (sorta)


Did you design her for an existing platform game, or did you create her universe?


This is Poppy, her game is Candy Crush Soda Saga, she is a character you can use a guide! Her favourite colour is pink. I used an existing game for her universe. She is blowing bubble gum, and drinking soda!