Fishy Friends!🐟

This shop/request/currency is started by me (@Alboy) and everything is handled by me, not Hopscotch. You can find other similar self-started events in the Shops & Requests or Competitions & Events categories, or even start one yourself. Because this is started by me, Hopscotch and the forum leaders are not involved or responsible in any of the transactions here.

I’ve spent so much time on this… much of it procrastination, but still. This has taken a long time, and it’s done! Here it is…
Fishy Friends!

This is a forum currency revolving around fish. Which is ironic because I don’t even like fish irl.

:bangbang:I’ll take a pointer from the Hop Coin topic and ask that you create an account before anything else. It’ll be easier for me to keep track of everything!:bangbang:


Explanation/Tutorial 📄

Fishy Friends is Alboy’s forum currency! The term for the actual money is Fish Flakes, sometimes referred to as FF.

Earning Fish Flakes

You can earn Fish Flakes by claiming your daily crate, completing quests, selling fish at the player shop or auctioning them at the auction house, participating in one of my competitions, or just simply selling a fish at the shop. You will also be able to participate in games that will randomly pop up, so keep an eye out for my announcement!

Spending Fish Flakes

You can spend Fish Flakes in the shop to buy crates or items, in the player shop to buy other people’s crates or fish, bidding in the auction house, or buying from the cosmetic shop. I may also add other ways for you to use them in the future!
Such as getting seed items in a game I may make once i get the subscription?

Getting Fish

You can get fish by opening crates, buying them from the player shop, or as a rare prize for a game or comp. You can also bid on fish in the auction house.


Sharks can steal from other player’s inventories! When using a shark, please provide a list of 5 items/crates/fish you would like to steal from a player’s inventory. Also say which player you would like to steal from. Sharks can only steal crates, fish, or items that are less rarity than it. Example: You get a Gold Tiger Shark from a shark crate. You list 5 things that you want to steal from a player’s inventory, along with which player. Since it is a Gold shark, it will only be able to steal things that have Gold or less rarity. A Tiger Shark is level 3, so it will do a random 1 to 3. If it rolls 1, you will be able to steal 1 of the five things you want, 2=2 of them, and so on. After it rolls for the amount, you can choose which of the things you want to steal. Sharks can be annoying for other people if you get a lot of them, which is why you will have a cooldown of using one shark per day.


Simple- the better the bait, the better the chance for a crate’s rarity to be raised by one level. Here’s the thing- it can only upgrade crates of the same rarity as it. As such, any -1 baits(the rarest rarity) will be useless except for bragging rights. For example, if you get an Iron Rubber Worm, that will have a 10% chance to upgrade an Iron Crate that you use it on to a Gold Crate.


Nets are very simple. They just give you a chance to double the amount of fish/items you get from a crate. They also have rarities.

Fishing Boats

Fishing Boats don’t even need any randomization. You can just buy one, and donate it to 3 other users. Each user will get a bait or a net, with random rarity.(oh wait i guess it does need randomization hmph) You can decide which players get what item.


Change the way Albot replies to you.


Shop 🛒(1🆕)


Fish Crates📦

There’s a limit of buying(and opening) 5 crates per day, to prevent an infinite money glitch that I can’t seem to find the time to fix when I actually remember about it.


The Jeffery Fish Multiplier can be used on a -1 Crate of FICHEINSTTROARLYSH only. It just makes the Jeffery Fish less rare and more common.

Cosmetics ✨

hint hint- at the end of the cosmetics page there is a little bit that isn’t fully cosmetic!


Player Shop🏬






















Current Quests:

  1. Change/submit your current pfp to have yellow in it- 100 Fish Flakes🐟
  2. Bid on the current auction- 100 Fish Flakes🐟

Please also claim your quest after doing it. Command can be found in the commands section.

Auction House🏪

Current Auction:
Sell Item: None!
Highest Bid: None!



Passwords are similar to the codes of the Hop Coins topic. Passwords are hidden around the forum and the app. Most will be in my posts, but not all- I could sneakily ask another user to have one in one of their posts.
Passwords will always be in the format of: Password: “Password”
You only have to copy the part after the colon. You can include the Password: but you don’t have to when claiming.
If the password is hidden, it will be like: <!–Password: "Password–!>. Do not include the --! in your claiming post.

Current Active Passwords: 1


Albot doesn’t even have to do much for this one! You can just ask another user if they want to trade. Yes, you can ask them to trade for nothing if you are giving them a gift, but please tag Alboy or Albot once the trade is accepted on both sides with the trade components in the same post.


Probably main commands:
@Albot create account
@Albot claim daily crate
@Albot open <crate, ex: daily crate or wooden fish bowl>
@Albot claim and open daily crate

Shop Commands🛒

@Albot buy <crate, ex: Wooden Fish Bowl>
@Albot buy <item>
@Albot buy <cosmetic>
@Albot sell <fish> (you cannot sell items, crates, or cosmetics, but you can put them on the player shop and hope someone buys them)

Player Shop Commands🏬

@Albot add <crate/item/fish/cosmetic> to player shop for <number> Fish Flakes
@Albot buy <crate/item/fish/cosmetic> from player shop
@Albot edit <crate/item/fish/cosmetic> to <new price>
@Albot unadd <crate/item/fish/cosmetic> from player shop (this just takes it off of the shop and puts it back into your inventory)

Item Commands🎣

@Albot use <item> on <target>

Cosmetic Commands✨

@Albot equip <cosmetic> <if it has another action like setting an emoji, type it here>
@Albot disable <cosmetic> (if you want to change your emoji or something like that again, you must buy another emoji changer(or whatever you want to change again) cosmetic)

Quest Commands🎁

@Albot claim quest <number of the quest in the quest menu> (ex: When Fishy Friends was created, it had 2 quests to start. The second one was: 2. Claim your daily crate in striked text. Your post would look like:
@Albot claim daily crate
@Albot claim quest 2

Auction House Commands🏪

@Albot create auction <crate/fish/item/cosmetic> starting price: <number of Fish Flakes>
@Albot bid <number of Fish Flakes>
Auctions will by default last 1 day, unless asked for otherwise in the auction creating post.

Password Commands🔐

@Albot claim password <password>
I may add applying for hiding a password in your post later, but right now there’s not a perfect way to have you know the password and not everybody else.

PLEASE tell me if there are any commands that you think I should add, or if there’s something that there’s no command for that you want to do.

I’m always looking for improvements, so feel free to post your ideas for expansions to Fishy Friends!


That was a quick like Blue
Im going to eat dessert now hehe


@albot create account


@Alboy Create account


@alboy create account


@Alboy @Albot Create account please.

And then claim and open daily crate.


@Alboy create account
@Alboy claim and open daily crate
is that how it works


@albot claim and open daily crate


Lol i ate dessert quickly and then came back to 6 notifs already
Okay ima process everything now


@alboy create account
@alboy claim and open daily crate


do you want us to tag albot or you lol?


Either is fine


I think I’m going to update the inventories before i reply to the posts, so dont be confused if you see something in your inventory that i havent said yet

Edit: actually no i just decided im going to do it the other way around
Reply first and then edit


You opened 1 daily crate and got 50 Fish Flakes🐟!


@Alboy claim daily crate

and daily quest :slight_smile:


You opened 1 daily crate and got 75 Fish Flakes🐟!


@Alboy claim quest 2

and claim daily crate


Oh woah i should pay more attention to my own quests i forgot lol
You have to claim it tho


Oh ok!
@Albot Claim quest 2


You opened 1 daily crate and got 1 Iron Fish Pond and 100 Fish Flakes🐟!