Fishing Simulator


Hi Fellow Hopscotchers,
I Have Made The Best New Fishing Simulator In Hopscotch, If You Play It Could You Tell Me If You Like It Or Recommend It To People


Heyy-yo, I'm also making one! But it might be published in like May or June...I'm kinda lazy!


Have you published it yet? If so can you post the link? :sweat_smile:


Welcome to hopscitch! Can you tell us your username?


He probably doesn't know how!


It would be useful if you put the link or give pictures! :wink::blush:


Sure, I Will Send Pictures But I Don't Know How To Link


Declan Ryan, My Company Is Iceweb Inc. Though


Yes, But I Don't Know How To Link But Pictures Are Taken


I Can Paste Pictures :frowning: But You Should Find It Or My Account So You Can Play It, Just Remember This Is The First Version, More Versions Will Come Out Soon!


I Linked The Fishing Simulator, Have Fun!


Fixed the link :smiley: And I like the project so far!

:smiley: @Iceweb4U Also welcome to the forum!!


I played it. You need help?


No Thanks, Did You Like It?


It was OK...well it was like in beta so...(no offence)