FISH REVENGE! [Create fish projects today!]



I put this in collabs because it said, "Have a genius idea?". Well, this is technically an idea, about my fish getting its revenge. :)

So, earlier my stuffed fish, not a real fish, a stuffed animal fish, was thrown across the room.


So this is related because we will make projects about it.

You're probably thinking, "There's a whole topic just about that excuse!"

There is, but I really have a project handy, see!:

So... Yah.

Fish wants revenge.

Let him have it by making your own fish projects today!

If this isn't allowed, I have another topic I've been thinking about making and I'll recycle this!


That is funny because i have a stuffed fish that i throw around all the time! And even sometimes he wants revenge!


Then they shall both have revenge... :smirk:

FISH: We want revenge for being thrown around! Make your fish projects today so we can get it! c:

Yey I'm first in the Angry Birds Go tournament :)


Phish "e"s are Kool-Aid :smiley:


What a weird coincidence XD

I've been working on a fish project for a couple weeks now and I'm just finishing up!

I like fish, I'll be sure to make some fish projects about this :smiley: