#firstimpressions [NaF CHALLENGE #1] [JUNE 2017]



Greetings, @NaF!

Before we begin, here's a quick poll. Are you a "sodium" artist (paper) or a "fluorine" artist (digital)?

  • team sodium ftw
  • fluorine forever y'all


Votes are public.

Enjoy this week's challenge!

As the first official challenge of Sodium Fluoride, this is a perfect opportunity to show me a first impression of your art. In this sense, your subject may be anything you see fit.

It's also a literal impression. Your challenge is to draw your chosen subject as minimally as possible. Use one color. Use only lines. Don't connect all your lines. Still, you want to give the impression of your subject, so that anyone looking hard enough can identify your drawing.

It's similar to tribal art, so feel free to look up "tribal _____" if you need ideas!

Entries are due June 23, and winners will be tentatively announced on June 24. However, as with the release of this challenge, I may have to delay the publication, so please be patient if you don't see the winners right away!

There will be positive and constructive criticism on every entry submitted by a member of NaF, and there will be prizes for one sodium entry and one fluorine entry. Any non-NaturalArt entries will be judged, and a winner will be picked from these entries as well. Prizes are to be determined by the winners.

Thank you, and good luck!

Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 11 [OFFICIAL]

I'm excited to get started! :D

As for the sodium and fluorine, I'm better on paper, but I sometimes color my art or doodle digitally.


I'd do digital, but I have no access to an iPad haha
could I do black and white? Different shades of pencil for the challenge or are you looking more for a color?


May I use a reference?


I might do it on an iPad, I might do it on paper..

Are we allowed to use an actual base that we created and then erase parts and then create our final piece that fits the expectations?

And I'm also kinda confused... is it basically to do tribal art with only one color? Sorrry if you said it already or I missed something... so something like this?


Yeah, that works! Technically, black and white is a monochromatic color scheme, so it is still "one color."

@Sweetlina As long as you give credit and don't completely copy the other person's work/photography, using a reference is fine!

@FearlessPhoenix The only requirement for the challenge is to have a simplistic approach, so that the drawing is barely an impression. How you get there and in what ways you draw it are completely up to you.


Ok. Thanks. I'll start ASAP. Once I find something I wanna do.


Um... both?
Sorry, I don't know what to pick 🤷‍♂️


Hey, I don't have the ability to go on hopscotch, but I have my entry ready!

sorry abt mistakes


So I'm a bit confused. If for example I wanted to draw a wolf. To do this challenge would all lines of the wolf be un-connected and become a more tattoo like appearance? Also, does it need to be black and white?

@Serenity Halp ;-;


sounds fun! :D


I don't think I'm doing this right lol .-.

I haven't finished this so I can correct it since I probably did it wrong lol


I'm not sure about this XD


Hi Serenity! I'm done with the challenge but is it okay that I used two shades of one primary color?


Super creative idea!


Hmmm. Not great. Might redo it. We shall see.

plz ignore the tiny patch of colour. I have a habit of doing my signature in a different colour :P
this is what we're meant to do right??


For example, if you used different shades of black or any color, would that still work? Or does it have to be one solid color?



Nice challenge by the way! This is my entry if we're allowed to use two shades of one primary color.


Okey, I'm redoing it now. I'll remove the line art at the end.


All done! I am actually kind of proud of this!