First topic of mine? artclub+polls+more questions



yee okie, so I cant really say I joined “recently” but I just havent been that active so i mightve forgotten a few things… I also have a few more questions on how to make things, like types of polls! For some reason they dont work for me, idk what im doing wrong, so if somone could really explain that’ll be helpful :slight_smile: I also wanted to make an art club, just on the forum (the hs one didnt work out =P) so im not really sure how that works too so again please explain. Sorry! Also please list or let me know some important things I may have missed that I need to know so yeah. Ty! Btw no fights or cussing plz.


uh anyone plz no okie -- .. welp


How to make a poll👌

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3

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Aahhhh yay tysm!


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yall option 3 is the best


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