First time of forum


Hi, i have just made an account on the hopscotch forum, show I am windering what you do, and what features are there???


Welcome to the forum @Candycane! :D

Here is a tutorial by @Follow4LikesOfficial and @discourse! :D
It's awesome.

And a amazing font tutorial made by @AHappyCoder!

I couldn't link you to a lot of tutorials, but the best way to find what your looking for is to tap the magnifying glass near the lines, that are near your profile picture!

If you need to get someone's attention on a post/topic, type a @ before their username, it will send them a notification! :D
(e.g. @SmilingSnowflakes)


k thanks a lot @SmilingSnowflakes I sort of understand more now but can you make projects on this like collab or stuff????


You can make collaborations! :D

If you mean make a project on the forum, you can't. :D
The forum is for helping, and collaborating (and a lot of other stuff), with other hopscotchers!
The project part is made on hopscotch. :D


Hi! Welcome to the forum! @SmilingSnowflakes seems to already have you covered but you can @ me if you need any help :wink:


im sorry if this sounds really stupid, :joy: but how do you make collabs:expressionless: @SmilingSnowflakes @smishsmash


Well, you make Collabs on the app by first asking for a coding partner you may ask for some requirements like, Must have been on hopscotch for 3 months or something. When you have a partner you can either make a project together by exchanging drafts or making a collab accout where you share the password and create projects together :wink: and it's not stupid to ask questions! I didn't know when I started either :slight_smile:


Tap the ask a question button! :D

Then write about what collab is about, members, and other collab stuff! :D

It doesn't sound stupid. :D