First SpaceArt trail art competition!



Welcome to the first SpaceArt trail art cup! You don’t need to do something to enter. Just tag me and say you want to be in! The winner gets 1 follow, 20 likes and shoutouts every day! (the winner will get shoutouts every day for only 1 week.) Tag me for more information.



I need 1or 3 more contestants to start!


Sure I’ll be in!

I was actually just working on a space exploration game


Thats good! Good luck @JonnyGamer


Thank you!
Are there any requirements to the contest, or does it just have to be space themed?






Here’s what I have so far
Press on the screen to move in the direction


It just needs to be space themed.


@GalaxyCoding is there a due date set yet?


No, there is not. I will say when later. So, do you want to be in @MyPizza?


I will totally be in this! Count me in :slight_smile:


OK @William04GamerA! You are in.


Alright! Yeah I’ll join!


I will do it.

So it just has to be . Themed?


Yeah, what’s the theme?


I’m assuming Space trail art?


Yes its space @Aariv @MyPizza


We need more coders for competition…


@Aariv, do you want to be in?