First place in the Olympics


Congrats again to UK!

This is where you will receive your prizes. This is also where u will tell ppl ur requests for pixel art or a title etc.

Pixel art from @PerfectPanda24
Any title you want ( and maybe a midi hack) from @BuildASnowman
Pixel art or trail art from @Intellection74
Website template from @MR.GAM3R
Pixel art or drawing from @SmilingSnowflakes
15 likes and a follow from @JaggedJeans
Follow from @bluedogmc-official
Drawing requests from @Sweetlina
Bronze colored badge from @Kiwicute2016
Shoutout from @happyfacegirl
Likes on all projects from @Nerd4Ever
Any game you want and a follow from @DA-BEASTY
A project about the team from @HopedHoper

Ppl giving out prizes, please make sure you actually give them out.

You can give them their prizes on this topic

If ur a member of team uk then please tell us ur HS names

Hopscotch names:
Potter studios​:zap:️
Forum names:


Hey peeps, I don't want the game to be way too complex, cause I have school
Please tell me all your hopscotch names.


Can you get a list of their HS usernames and put it there so I can like all their projects?


Mine is the same: KoolM123


GOOD Night


What is ur hopscotch username?


I know @Potter_head username




Potter Studios​:zap:️


Wait, how did that square get there? Forget the square


Ok, done, I have followed him/her


Has anyone thought of checking @Goobrgrlrye bio?


I just did


I gave everybody there follows!

Great contest, Ella!


Thank you!!! Also, thanks for giving out prizes:)


No problem! I just gave the prizes to third and second, so I all good now.

This was really fun, even tho I wasn't in it!


Well done @smileyalyssa and the rest of the team .I was like 'plz tell me there is a title for third place' guess there isn't but oh well I'm still happy


Sorry, my HS name is PotterStudios :zap:
Not PotterHead.


My hopscotch name is SmileyAlyssa​:blush:


@PerfectPanda24, May I please have a deathtly hallows pixal art, and have it say dedicated to PotterStudios​:zap:️ On the front? Please?