First place for MLB team contest


Congrats to the Yankees!


@RobotPro RobotPro
@Potter_Head PotterStudios​:zap:
@FoodDelivery - FoodDelivery
Hs Name:

First place:
Art request from @BellaWafflez17
Likes and follow from @BellaWafflez17 :white_check_mark:
Follow, spamlikes and a shoutout from @Silverdolphin
Drawing request from @Goobrgrlrye
Spam like and follow from @xXBARNSLEYFCXx
Drawing request from @Angidrawings
Trail art request from @Sensei_Coder
Spam like from @Sensei_Coder
Follow from @Sensei_Coder
Shoutout from @Sensei_Coder
Trail art request from @Hermione
Follow from @minioncandy
Likes from @minioncandy
Drawing pad from @minioncandy (fill out form)
Any project request except game from @EnchantedAnimallover
Spam likes from @EnchantedAnimallover
A follow from @VanillaBlossom
Drawing from @EnchantedAnimallover
Internet hug from @EnchantedAnimallover
Art request from @StarryDream
Follow from @Ella_13
@Ella_13 ill nominate your project to be featured
Shoutout from @EnchantedAnimallover
Spam likes + follow from @PumpkinGirl

I have on wiki edit so please edit ur hs name Next to ur hf name

If u signed up to do prizes then please do them.
Put a check next to the prizes u have given

Every member of the team gets all the prizes listed


U don't have wiki....?


Yeah I do now

Thanks for reminding me


May I give out some prizes?


Sure! What would u like to give @BellaWafflez17


I can give a couple art requests, if you want, and I can also give out some follows and likes :blush:


Ok thank you!

Please be ready to give prizes. U can start now if u would like




Do I give a follow and likes to each member of the team? If so, who are the team members? I can also do a "group shot" request =D


@BellaWafflez17 Yes u give the prizes to each member of the team. The team members are listed in the posts

Are the members of the team


Hi :woman:🏽:wave:🏽


Thank you so much @Ella_13


Thank you! I'll do the follows first and the request later =D


Sounds good! Thanks:)


Ya! Thank you @Ella_13


@Ella_13 could you nominate for a featured a project called Popsicle? (by me) (Its on trending so u can find it easily) if you did that would be amazing! Thanks


What is @Potter_Head's Hopscotch username?


@Ella_13 Hey you like soccer? me too


I actually have no idea