First pixel art 😀


I made my first pixel art this week, and I wanted to know what you guys thought of it?

(Sorry the link doesn't work)
You can check it out on my account, Artistic_cat!


OMG could you teach me pixel art please


That's really cool omg :DDDD


It's awesome for a first!


Thank you :blush:


You should keep making pixel art, your really good at it:DDD


I definitely am!
The pixel art was so fun to make.



Well I can't really talk I've only made one lol


Here are some screenshots of mine:
This is just one line of the code,

Here's what's inside of the dot block,

The dot block is just one pixel, so to make more going in a straight line, made the block repeat itself 11 times.
The move forward after the draw a trail, moves the text Over so it can make the next pixel

This is how I did mine, there are multiple ways, also hope this helps :smile:


Omg your editor is so tidy

Look at my pixel arts code

It's so messed up lol


wow ur first good gracious


Yeah, I like to keep mine tidy it help's me work
(I don't know why?)




Look in the code of this it's awful lol


You're right lol!


How did it even get featured I was like WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE WORLD


Lol :wink:


That's so cool! Especially for a first one.
(I'm going to do my first "complex" pixel art soon)
My first tries were nowhere near as good as yours!


I'm gonna try something advanced later.


This very well made also it's much better than my first (no lie)