First Pixel Animation- What do you think?


I've just made my first animation (kinda), an animated rainbow feather. What do you think? How can I improve this?






I really like how you used neon colors, it really makes it pop out! I also like how you emphasized the word rainbow by making colors fade in and out. Overall, I think the project was really creative and well coded. Great job!


I think it is very, very cool! Great job!


Woah, cool!
You stole my idea, I was going to make something exactly like that... :stuck_out_tongue:


Heheh, it's the amazing race. I was going to use clones, but I gave up and went the long way of coding all 65 blocks XD


its great, but you should run it from a value instead of "every man for himself"


I was going to use pixel art, like with trails drawing the dots over and over again, but clones work well too!


Haha, should have thought of that! I thought about it halfway through, but by then it was too late. I had to painstakingly code each and every square ;-;


Wow, never thought of that! But I usually use square pixels because I don't like the space made by the dot pixels. Either way, that would work well, too!


Yeah, I meant with squares! :D
I agree, the space is sort of annoying when you use dots!



I really like this,

brb going to nomination topic before anyone else does (:<


Amazing :0


This is so cool and creative!! I did something like this but with a text object (here; the project I remixed did the same thing but with Clones which is more complex). I think yours looks better because 1) it has nice colors and 2) it has colors. XD

Hm. Mind if I remix it with text instead of multiple shapes (like in the project I linked above, but with colors) @FeatherDance? :smiley:


That's so cool

Great job


Tis amazing.

I could never make something laik dat.
I'm just a useless potato. ;-;


I agree!

No, you aren't >:0
potatoes aren't useless


Well den I jus invented a useless potato...

Me. ;-;


Everyone is useful ā€¢uā€¢