First Person Quest/Monster Battling Collab?



I was wondering if anyone would want to do a collab... It would be big, and take a long time. So, my idea so far is a game where you go on a quest, battle monsters, and end the game with a final boss (possibly some mini-bosses inbeetween). Maybe, I could add some sort of save-progress mechanism.


I would have loved to... ;-; I can't, though, I have about 3 collabs going on at the mo, so, I am pretty busy! I am get ready Sososososososososossoossoosososososososososososososo sorry, but I can't do it. Maybe at a later time? I cri every time ;-;
Thanks for asking me though! :blush:


That's fine, thanks for asking!


You is so kind! (Sorry for the way I type, I dunno why I do it (・ω・)ノ)


I'm a bit busy for this, sorry. By the way, I suggest you remove your tags. A mass tag list other than the friendly one can be flagged for spam.

This looks like it'll be fun. Good luck!


Sorry, but I'm really busy with being the head of Hopscotch March Madness and all, plus I'm not really interested, and by the way, mass tag lists (except for the Friendly Mass Tag List) aren't allowed anymore.


OK, actually that is a great idea.


So, how do you want it to be based off the hunger games?


Kay. So, will you be like, IN the hunger games?


You know just after the main girl runs in the forest while everyone else is fighting,getting weapons.
There can be food,items hidden in the forest.
Fighting can be done like in Infinity Blade where you swipe places to attack and tap to dodge attacks.
You can tell me your ideas what you'd like to do.


Wait. Why was I tagged?


Well, I saw some of your stuff and thought it was really cool.


Oh! Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!


No problem. Thanks for responding, also.


I want to join!


I would've joined, but I'm pretty busy right now. Maybe I'll have more time later.


Sorry, I would like to join but I am in a few collabs that I need to finish :grin:


Sure! thanks. I will decide if i want to have the theme of hunger games.


Why was I tagged? @CleaningS_New_Acc


Same reason as Lightningstrike! :smiley: