First person game

How do you make a first person 3D game if you do please tell me


Wait how’d you make this deprecated?

Many ways. Google 3D methods I guess

Welp that didn’t explain so much . . .

AS nindroid said,many ways.
You May want something in which you explore a area,or defeat enemies or anything where there is only one player,not two players competing against each other.

Maybe you can explain this a little bit more so that it can be easier to understand? Because this can be done in a lot of ways.

Like how this person did it


The simplest way to do it is inside this project’s code.

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Maybe this can give you an idea:
Every time you move forward, the size of everything increases. When you walk backwards, the objects shrink. When you walk right, the characters moves to the left, and they move to the right when you walk left. It is a really easy concept.