First person 3D game on hopscotch?


Hello world.

I want to be the first to make a first person 3D type game. And what will it be? Portal of course!

Now of course there's no 3D engine in hopscotch. But should I try making the illusion of 3D? Like when you move forward they grow. Or should I make a little ball and you have to solve puzzles. I don't know what's eaiser.

  • Dude. 3D game no questions
  • 3D game
  • Puzzle!
  • No way you can do that, do the puzzle


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Maybe make the room a bit more like this?

Just a idea, but that looks awesome!

P.s don't use my drawing xD


i tried.... But failed


I want to do something like this, but I don't have the subscription.


If you want, I can help. Me, you, and @PixelMaster64 can work together!


I started this when I did not have the subscription

the title shows.
And I had the same as right now!


3D has already been done


I mean because of the portal gun and stuff.


But it's 3D in first person!


Wut wut wut ok

Um but like at skool or like sharing projects?


Yea dat has already been done


I mean by sharing the project. But first let's get the ok from @MrHotdog64



I can... um


If u need

I dun wanna code cuz I left 4 2 months for a "coding break"


I did a first person simulator long time ago. It was coded by Grow by-blocks.


I'm actually working on a 3D engine at the moment, but it's not good enough for a game yet.


How do you mean?


ppl have made first person 3D projects before it's not the first time :D


First person 3D

I never said normal 3D


Are you working on parallel or perspective projections? with real-time translations & rotations? using objects/images as characters or drawn graphics?

I've been playing around with 3D projections recently as well. So I'm curious what direction others are going.


I actually don't know that much about how you normally do to show 3D in programs.

Before starting, I tried to search it up but didn't find that much information of use.

I can't really answer those questions that is about more advanced stuff, since I made the technique I use myself.

But some of them I can answer.
My project uses drawn graphics, with a lot of clones that render one pixel each. I'm probably gonna change the way it works totally before having something that is actually good enough to use in games.