First Hopscotch E-Magazine


Hello boys and girls, today I have a very exciting announcement that the FIRST EVER HOPSCOTCH MAGAZINE IS COMING! This will be a first addition January 2016 magazine! Including tips, tricks, facts, interviews and more!

Want to know how you can be in it? Comment below if you want to be interviewed, have some cool tricks, cool facts and much muchy more! Then I, and a few members (whoever wants to help comment below!) will decide!

By January 22 the first ever magazine will be out right here on the Hopscotch forums! So mark your calendars!!
*everyone who participates will be in the last page. Also known as credits and the crew members.


May I help write? :smile:


Absolutely! What would you want to put in it?


me too?


The tips and tricks section! I know sin and cos, variables, lag problems and much more!


can I be interviewed?


Sounds fun!

I'll join in!


May I be interviewed, and I knkw about ^!


Alright. If you comment below what you want in it your tips and tricks I will put it in!


Everyone! I need someone that has been at least hopscotching since June and knows A LOT about hopscotch. The interview is for "big time hopscotchers" I guess. So please. Like @LotsaPizza and stuff. If you want to do anything else just ask. Thanks!


:unamused: okay...


In mine: ^ is know on called up with me, the bit before it I'll call variable 1 the number after is variable 2
Varible 1 is 'small two' as much variable 2
3 ^ 2 = 9
3 is variable 1 and 3 is V2
3x3 is nine thus nine is the answer


Yes, you may. This may be personal but does anyone here know what Flockmkd is?
If don't- it's a drawing room on the Internet where a group of people draw and talk and discuss. If anyone wants to that like this. @crazygoat I have to do the editing I am sorry but you can give me ideas on the lay out and designs of the magazine!


I am sorry Stampy! I can not let you do the interview but I can let you give some tricks or facts?


Why no inter of da viewing?
(i was on hopscotch since January 2015!)


What is your Hopscotch name?


Old one was Stampy's fans new is THE ORDER OF THE STONE


Can I help I can give
Actual code mini lesson for JavaScript each magazine
But it is not so much hopscotch related because it's actual JavaScript


Could I do something?


I'll do the articles... Tell me the articles needed and I'll get down to it...

P.s. I've been hopscotching since April last year