First Featured Project?



I'm having a forum contest!

You have to link and screenshot your find of the first featured project.

Then, find first Trending.

Then, find Rising.

Then, you get your prize.
Wanna know the prize?

You sure?




Free likes.

I hope you have some fun!

  • great idea!
  • I think you need therapy, potter productions.




This is literally impossible. THT removed featured projects as they went, to save space.


Plus, it could very easily crash.


Then find the first one at the bottom.


That's a better goal!:wink:


@Follow4LikesOfficial how about doing it for your last account :speak_no_evil:


Geez, I don't need therapy, but I probably do.

I cried in school today and I'm pretty sure I go anger issues.

Mentally. And physically.





Some people are so good at scrolling! :o
( I'm shivering like crazy right now and I have no idea why)


I have anxiety issues :3


Hopefully I can at least get on trending for a 3D game that hasn't been created before and brings a whole new way of creating games into play. I mean, It isn't even short. Perfect length, hopefully wont lag or crash, has music that people will like, and is over all fun. Also, there is a glitch in it I can't really fix, but a tip for all coders: If you can't fix the glitch, make it work. Basically, make it look like it was supposed to happen. 3D People! You can change the camera! X, Y, AND Z! It won't be until march, though. It's hard to create something that you cant borrow any code from other projects. It will be one of the best games you've played on hopscotch. You will see!


Don't get too much of an ego!!!


I know. I'm just excited to do this. I have a little remix and make your own levels challenge on the forum. And a speed run challenge. Stuff like that.


I did find them actually


Look! It's one of my projects! :wink:


Ha! I saw that. Also, thanks for doing that reopen battle on that hopscotch battle. This is what I was going to say:

"This was closed because of only one flag?! Weird. It says:

This topic is temporarily closed due to a large number of community flags.

Which 1 isn't much of a large number...."


I found the bottom to featured before!


What!? I got half way and it crashed! What was the last one? Or technically the first....