First Challenge!


Hello there people of the web! I though this challenge could be something cool and fun to do! This is the first time I ever started a challenge so it may not be the best at first! Anyways… the challenge will be… make a game only using warm colors! If you don’t know what warm colors are look it up… lol jk it’s red, orange, yellow, yellow-orange, red-orange, and red-violet. You have until March 17th to enter and post your entries here on this topic. After that a poll will be posted here and everyone can vote! The poll will be up that whole weekend so people have time to vote! If you want to join let me know by telling me you want to join! If you have questions ask me here!


Oh cool

I remember when tht did this


Does it have to be a game?


Interactable project


Oh ok


That is a great idea! I might try to do this.