First animation club! Join now!



So yeah, I'm doing this because animation is rare. For the following reasons.
This is a club on animation! Sorry, because of images are only on subscriptions and animation is only possible with a subscription, it would be very hard to animate without it.

  1. Not many people have subscription

  2. Animation is very time consuming.

But I'm making the first club (on forums) on animation!

I just love it animation now! It's so rewarding when you see a bit of your result or your result itself! So anybody is welcome to join. I'm going to have some requirements, so here they are.

  • Must have used the forum for at least a month

  • Must have used Hopscotch for at least 2 months.

  • Must have member badge

  • Must be active on club

  • If you join you have to have a week of work before you leave.

So here is the objective of the club.

We will just be making a lot animation as always. But we shouldn't make mean, inappropriate, animations of any kind! Also there will be only 2 ranks, Leader and Animator. Leaders can start up any big activities with the animators collaborating with each other. Animators can animate some stuff with there projects, and could post stuff and things about there w.i.p animations. There will be like 5 maximum leaders, but don't worry of your not leader! You can collab with another animator as your own with a small group, and if a leader gets on just tell them :D!



Leader App

Do you have any experience with animation?:
What would you rate yourself as a coder out of 1-10?:
Would you get angry or mad, or just leave if you don't get picked leader?:
Of you are leader, would you be active and help others?:



Animator App

Do you have any experience with animation? (Does not affect anything):
Do you meet the requirements for the club?:
What is your HS user?:
Are you going to be active at least once per week?:
Do you have subscription?:

Also leaders should also help to accept Animator App's so I don't have to go through every person. But leaders can't accept leader app's.

Some People that I want to be in this club

And uhh

Yeah that's it ;(


I got it for free for a week for beta testing, and I don't have a subscription. But I'll try to get one so I can join this club :D


I'm a fridge, so I can't join. ;-;


Prices need to go lower


Member Application:

1) Yes, I do have some experience with animation. I animated a few intros for a friend of mine who's going to start a YT channel, and I occasionally animate little snippets to go with my favorite bits of songs.
2) Yes, I "meat" the requirements. (May wanna change that typo...)
3) Shivelight [Hetalian]
4) Yes, but don't expect an animation once per week. That's extreme...
5) No, I don't have subscription.

(If I'm talking about the wrong kind of animation, I'm sorry...)


Your accepted! You will have to try to trade drafts if you want to use images ;(

Also I'm not expecting an animation every week.(that is extreme) I'm just asking you check in this topic at least once a week :P

If you have any kind of break lemme know!


Alright! :D

In order to help in some sort of way, I can try doing SFX with shapes and transparency and et cetera to accompany animation.


Never even thought of sound. But it works, it makes the animation more realistic or lively.


Great! I can Hopscotchify music decently; the tricky bit will be lining it up with the animation.

Glad I can actually do something XD