Firedusty's Q+A, Art, and More! Topic


Hiya! It's Firedusty~! I create art and more! This is my Q+A, Art, and More! Topic! You can leave questions, fanart, or anything you want constructive criticism on. Also, you may leave art requests, drawn on paper or digitally!

(I drew my profile picture)

(The legs are a bit out of proportion XD but oh well)



Welcome to the forum! Tag me anytime! Just type "@KVJ"


Welcome to the fourm! That's really good! I think you would love the drawing topic!


Also, I do a sort of anime style, too!

I drew a self-portrait on Paper 53:

Tell me what you think!



That drawing looks great!


Thank you! It took me forever...


You're a really great artist :0


I saw in your profile that you wrote "Judge me..." And stuff like that. How do I write stuff in my profile? Thanks!


You go into Preferences and edit the text box thing!

To make big text just put
###### the text


@Firedusty You must come to the drawing topic, my deer fren—I will invite you now.


Fish4President's (@TeamSynergy on the forum) Request Done!!

-drawn on paper53-

sorry if I got colors wrong!

I hope your friend likes it!! :smile:



THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!


No problem! :smiley:
Does it look like your friend? I didn't know about the length of her hair, etc. :sweat_smile:



It does! It's strikingly close! :smiley: Thank you!


She loves it! Thank you!! I have one question. Do you write at all? :grin:


You mean like RP? Or just writing in general? :slight_smile:


Both I guess :blush: I-have-to-fill-20-characters-XD


I don't RP much, although I do DrawRP!


Cool! Writing's like my savvy. :smile:


I drew Harley Quinn on paper53!