Finished collab topic


This is a survival game I've started.
It will be just like the TV episodes of Man vs Wild.
There will be a 24hr day/night cycle.
You will need to find water,food and shelter to survive.
There will be combat against wild animals by swiping them at the right time
The map at the top right shows your location on the ground.
Emoji's size and position are linked to the X-Z coordinates so their position and size will be somewhat realistic when pressing the arrow keys to move forward,back,left,right.
What I'd like help with is music that starts whenever the players under attack


Raw rebar doesn't have hopscotch anymore.


I forgot.
Maybe he asked santa for an ipad.


You're good at music. Would you like to make some danger/panic tunes for my game?


okay! 2020202020002020 lemme know when it's done. would you like me to do music on your slender-man game on scratch too?


That would be great if you did music for my Slen/da m/an game.


I don't know what I should help with right now... so... I'll just give you a ?


Nevermind. I'm busy now recreating @MagmaPOP 3D Minecraft Creeper on Tynker.
I'm adding extra game features and the map will be bigger.
You don't seem interested in Tynker as you haven't done anything on the collab account i made.
The pc version took me a while at first to figure out the tools for drawing sprites and backgrounds.
Most ppl don't realise you can download pics/sounds from the pc project to the Tynker app and continue coding on the Ipad as well as clicking on share on the pc project to send a link or embed your game to a website.


I've been off for a while, w/out access to meh pic, you'll notice that all I've done in scratch is check and reply to messages, not make, like, or fav. games, as I couldn't play them, I've only had 1 night w/ an actual computer directly in front of my face and guess where that was used XD no, on a friend's account, helped out on a super huge project (replacing 200+ repeat forever blocks is tedious) and le schewl iPad says "NOPE!!!!! I AM BRICK NOW!!!!!" whenever I downloaded anything. ever. I cannot download tynker because of this, just approved apps, aka hopscotch, and why do they need 6 calculator apps?


Yato, huh? @justanerd


yeah, why?
also, blame Japan for character design, the Bishamon scenes are a bit... off putting, don't google these things kids, 14+ anime stuffs, and that's a Japanese rating, so...

(pls don't watch the anime,mpbs don't watch the anime:pray::pray::pray:)


Just wanted to point that out, you know. It a good anime! :wink:


i understood half of what you said about being busy and limited access to a pc.
The very first project i made had A.I. allot better than most action games even now published on Hopscotch. You played as a voodoo mask flying up/down shooting at a large monster head.
The head could avoid most of the shots at it by detecting where the shot is coming from and how close.
The A.I the hopscotch team say they are impressed with is for static situations and not active situations.
I'm not concerned if they fail to notice my code. I make games for fun and a personal challenge.


the anime itself, awesome, but Japan decided to fan service all over it


also, we is off topicing


Did you finish watching the second season?


I know... Super off topic...


I just noticed that tynker has cloud lists (insert squeal emoji here) you guys'll see me some time next decade, Ima go make a chatbot


i suppose you could make a minecraft creeper game as 1 player as steve and 2nd player as the creeper.


I'm on noragami aragoto episode 11, dum b proxy limits me to all these review videos at this point >( aaaannny way...