Finish my project! (Contest)


Hi!! I wanted to make this cool project (you will find out what it is) but I dont know how. So I I'm going to do a contest where you have to finish my project. I made some of the project but that was all I could do. So you can try adding more to finish it!! Add your own touches to it and Mabye fix some bugs if you can!!

The first one to finish it will get a follow!! (If that is not enough then just tell)

How to enter??
All you have to do is screenshot the code then i will copy it or you can remix my project then send my the link.

Here's the project link:

If I forgot to say something then tell me


no thanks, I'm probably not gonna be coding this summer, just on the forum


Forgot to say: contest starts now


Cool! I might do it if I have some time over, but right now I am working on a big project so I am not able to do it right now. When does this contest end?


When someone makes something


Anyone here?