Finding Out If You Know A Hopscotcher IRL 2.0



I know @iwuvkittycats irl but that’s because I told her to join the forum so its not that cool

Which grade/year are you in?

  • 1-3
  • 4-5
  • 6-7
  • 8-9
  • 9 or up

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Where do you live (that sounds kind of stalkerish)

  • Oregon
  • Virginia (I used to live there) (like a very long time ago)
  • Anywhere else

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Does anybody know the group of cities referred to as the triangle??

Does anybody have any relation to the two NCAA basketball teams who both wear blue but different shades and are huge rivals??

And for my florida questions…
North Florida lit fam???
I know all cities in between jacksonville and Gainesville and i am super familiar w them i go there like 124702740129742 times a year and i could drive between the two w my eyes closed (it goes orange park, middle burg, starve, Waldo, Gainesville)

Who likes the gators up in here ayeeeee


I live north of ya, by one state

I know South Carolina pretty well. And the traffic. I know that traffic. They need to get more lanes on their roads smh


Everyone in Australia!
Do you lives in da state beginning with a Q?

  • Yas!
  • Nope!
  • Which state begins with Q again?
  • What’s Australia?

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Nope. Bc I’m not in Australia XD
But I do know which state you are referring to…


Lel. At least you didn’t pick what’s Australia? XD




my aunt works at one of the blue ones yeppers

im just a bit south of you, like a one to two hour drive


lolllll can’t relate i live in southern fl



i cheer for the GOOD shade of blue, the darker one


I’m in the Triangle

The near the capital to be exact
Nc right?

But the other question, no


@Dylan329 Okay does your place in sc get tourist in the summer time alot?


Yeh it gets quite a lot of people XD


Does it start with MB? (Hopefully that’s safe enough)


I am taking a wild guess at Hilton Head @Dylan329 , I went there this past Summer


Nope, but I have been there before.


yes the one in nc!!!


-i to a private school w the name of a city in the triangle and then academy
-mascot is a cavalier
-home of 2015 b-ball natty champs ESKETIT




oh cool, i know where that is
(no im not going to find you… that would be weird)
so just south of you theres this place with lotsa golf courses
im kinda by there


Hey, I know who @JonnyGamer is!