Finding Out If You Know A Hopscotcher IRL 2.0



oH thats noice ye im just a little south of u
awe im sad lol i was hopeful haha


oh yeah me too
have you ever been to the acorn drop on new year’s


awe rip

um yeah

which one tho??


I live in the Pacific Northwest! I hate the snow and cold. Lol


Elle gasp!


the one at the capital


I do too.




that’s impossible. I know where 1 person in there lives, and they’re not from my state XD




Along with me, Waffle_Draws, Rawrbear, and mobcraft


ahhh what state?? that’s so cool tho!
Lol hehe I know


I just realized I had a good chance to go to LA in late October.


Yeah…I know. There are different versions though


@madsie05 is the same as me :wink:


Me and kawaiihotdogo live in same plaze


Interstin how so many pepole live in est


Well the majority of the Us population lives in EST so that makes sense.


ahhh I wished I lived in VA.
whelp I have a lot of fam there so iLL JUST MOVE THERE
idk hehehe…


I live in Idaho. Which do you live in?