Finding Out If You Know A Hopscotcher IRL 2.0



/jaw drops/
Thats awesome!


I’ve figured out a plan so meet at Micheals and griz will be holding a camera everywhere and you a photo of a grizzly bear


Got it, I definitely know it now! I’ve been there quite a few times, so I would know.

My town’s colors are red, black, and white


Any more PCT??


ahhh I know!! [sorry if I’m bragging :00]


Yah. I figured.
The ref kept calling us ‘blue’ even though we all had white jerseys. Your town was playing as red.


YEP it’s all planned out. :333 that’s exactly how we’re doing it.


If anyone is wondering the Arizona Alt. Time Zone is a Time Zone if Arizona(duh) that doesn’t take into account day light savings.


I’ve always seen Central time zone abbreviated as CT



  • yeah
  • nah

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accidentally deleted the other one rip


I think Nindroid lives in Illinois.


Oh ok, well it is to late to edit now.


woah neattt


I am all lonely in EST


I think XiaoMiaoMi lives in Illinois but I dunno about that


It might be right, just a different abbreviation
But why won’t they let us edit polls uhhh frustration


…Australian central time zone XD


ahh you know there’s more Scotch. XPP


wait what i never knew he lived there. I’ve been living inside a rock my whole life ;;


You are… in Ch?
With purple?