Finding Out If You Know A Hopscotcher IRL 2.0



Actually I don’t live in Indiana, I just answered yes to all of them. Sorry XD


ah you know where I liive

ya know I’m moving soon, and I don’t altually live in [ insert town or city thing] but my school is there XD


Indiana? Mine was on minnesota!




Ya I mean I live in VA not your state, which I got confused which one it was,


ahhh nooo

I know where you live though XD


@Panthera @Kayro I live in a town that starts with E

But I have the Sa town right by me and ditto for the Ch town


Well yeah I think everyone can find where I am pretty easily. Cause my logo was posted, I said a place near me, and Hito knows.


Sad. Everythng else fit.


ah wait no I’ve forgot… I think I know tho idk


Centeral time zone anyone???

  • yeahh
  • nahh

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Huh. I just played your 7-8 grade rec team on saturday and lost.


Don’t u live near the large lake?
U know the big one?


Ah well
I think I know your town too actually XD


ba dum tsshhh


What letter does it start with?


It starts with w (I saw the post with polls about the school colors and stuff)

Is you town really hard to pronounce for people who aren’t Minnesotan? If so, I definitely know it now XD


What time zone do you live in?

  • Eastern Time Zone (EST)
  • Central Time Zone (CNT)
  • Mountain Time Zone (MTT)
  • Arizona Alt. Time Zone
  • Pacific Time Zone (PCT)
  • Alaska Time Zone
  • Hawaiian Time Zone

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ahhh Grizzlyzoe and I might meet next week ahhh XDD


Pretty close. Thats where my school is. I’m in the town next to it that starts with some letter