Finding Out If You Know A Hopscotcher IRL 2.0



Hamilton, I don’t like Hamilton.


Ahh. You don’t need to see my hidden post then!:sweat_smile: Hehehehhe.


Lafayette, Indiana.

I have relatives that live there.


Whats ur school mascot and what grade are you in?


@Xman0417 You live 1hr and 12min away from me.


GOOSH darn it. The only people who I know IRL on the forum then is @Mystic_Maniac and @RockOwl88506302


@Xman0417 You shouldn’t of given such detailed information. I could have just known that you lived near Carmel. Since you added your city, I am able to narrow down you possible location easily. Just telling you…


O god.

-Friend’s Little Brother.


@Xman0417 Sorry, just thought I should tell you…


Why yes it is.
COME ON 37076 people help me blend in!
Just kidding I would like to stand out.


I’m in a different district…
We’re half an hour away tho, which is kewl.


A sweet half hour drive…
Without traffic.


Yah. I’m south of you, so you live closer to the north pole than I do, but I’m just north of the 45th N paralell, so it makes sense.


I think @hopscotchremixer and I go to the same district… i just need to know her school mascot…


Kayro literally lives in the town right next to mine and Dudey, Waff, and some others live in anther one right by me

So many people but I haven’t met a single one aaagh


Cool. So many peeps close by!


Wait one second… does your town start with Ch?


Or does it begin with Sa (or Pr La)


ah what about mee


You live in…