Finding Out If You Know A Hopscotcher IRL 2.0



Oh. What state did you move to?


Minnesota, a bit of a distance. I did enjoy taking ballet where I used to live, though.


Oh, cool. I moved from Maryland to Kansas, quite recently, actually.


I was born in a place like that, I moved 5 years ago too XD


Huh. That’s super weird!


If you happen to live in louisiana at the moment, I may know you XD

I had a frendo who moved around the same time I did :P


nope still Minnesota XD


Oh, okay.

Oh well, :P


that would be cool if I did, i would finally know someone in my area that has HS XD


Anyone in Indiana?



Bonjour ! Parlez-vous français ?


I think @Yusamac205 is but I’m not sure about that :thinking:


nc pls yes no pls


im in nc


Is your mascot a dragon?

    • Yas
    • Naw

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Ouais, mais c’est ma deuxième langue :3



central or wut

i rlly dont know many ppl rip


I’m in central
Does your school system start with a W?


I used to be in Neopixel’s school… then he changed…
Oh well. We’ll see eachother at the hughschool next year!


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