Finding Out If You Know A Hopscotcher IRL 2.0





okay, time to be on topic because spam is pointless and adds utterly nothing and also flags do more harm then good .-.
Does anyone live in VA and have a classmate that left earlier, tried to convince the teacher to have a big fricking party in honor of her leave, and also that formerly mentioned person is annoying and draws all over her legs?

Because, you know, that's me.


Yea I guess so! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Not sure if it's against the forum rules to ask this but do you have Instagram? (REALLY SORRY IF ITS AGAINST THE RULES)


I do not -- and I do think it is against the rules... I won't flag you, though!


Ok sorry! I wasn't sure about it so at least now I know


Anyone other than Hitokage and maybe rawrbear live in Minnesota?

  • Yes, northern MN
  • Yes, southern MN
  • Yes, in/near the metro
  • No, isn't it cold there?


Votes are public.

Yes it is cold there




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Are you enrolled in K12?

  • Yes
  • No

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Are you going into 7th grade?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you know a “Mrs. Harper”?

  • Yes, she’s my homeroom teacher and her first name starts with J
  • I know a Mrs. Harper, but I go to a public school.
  • Nope.

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I need her insta. If you’re on right now, I can give you mine but I will delete it when you like it


@Grizzlyzoe so when I search my city here on the forum the third post that comes up is by @WinningMonkey.


Idk, :P Oregon right though?


Oh I thought photo said something about my state, oops. I’m close to Oregon, though.


Oh, okay :P


Wait, someone help me out here, how does one create a poll???


Hey @ChickenGirl! Hopefully this can help!

It will say to build a poll.


@Carlique mentioned she lived in Texas or Oklahoma
I hope she’s ok with hurricane Harrvy


Sorry I restarted this cause I forgot to put show who voted!

Tagging Friends!


Do you live in Texas

  • YaS
  • NaH

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Did you get heavy rains this week at all?

  • No but I did get rain
  • Nope just a sunny day
  • YaS the rain and the lightning err.

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Is your school 3rd thro 5th

  • I’m in lower grades
  • I’m in higher grades
  • Homeschooled!
  • Ya

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I am in higher grades and homeschooled, but I only picked one.
I do have friends who live in Texas, though :slight_smile:


roasted lol figit swinner xddd dab swag yolo

just kidding, any new jerseyans here whose school is 3rd grade to 6th grade, and lives near a river?