Finding Out If You Know A Hopscotcher IRL 2.0



okayyy, nevermind.


@SuperGirl3Acer, have you ever drawn a boy named Cosmos (I think that is his name) with black and red hair? On paper?
I know someone who draws exactly like you, so I was wondering if I knew you.


I know an Autobot named Cosmos...(he's green and he transforms into a least in G1...)
I don't really draw boys on paper and my paper art is waaaaayyy (sorta) different than my Hopscotch art. But that would be really cool if I actually did know you irl!:smile:


In America, Middle school starts in 6th grade around age 11. That's the norm, but some schools start in fifth grade.


Is that early or late? Most people in my city start school at age 5 or 6. Is that unusual? (I started when I was 3 though....I can't believe even 1 and 2 year olds can go to preschool. Seems like glorified daycare to me)


It's early. Normally we start at age 5 or 6 X3


U liv in Florida right
Do u know an annoying gurl with puffy hair


Hokay I'm pretty sure nobody knows me (or if they do they're not on the forum) but let's go
Uh... Chicago public school, colors blue and gold?
Stage in the cafeteria, with a wall that opens into the small gym?


If you type the name of your city in the hopscotch forum search, is the first post about Batman?

  • Yes
  • No



I wouldnt know the serach is down


No I mean on the forum.


I don't think so XD I used to though, she left my school last year.


oh ok but you did say
hopscotch search


No, I said hopscotch forum search.


Anyone in the south US? my school has a sepreate building for a gym and wears purple in uniforms. Also, the school is like 100 years old.


Florida is a beeg state


My school is really really old, but none of the other things


@Sensei_Coder, are kids crossing the road when they're not supposed to when they're dropped off before school at your school?

How many times do you run the mile in a normal, two-semester gym class?

What's the color scheme of your school logo?

What room contains the iMac lab?


@Dude73, @Waffle_Draws, @MobCraft (if he's still active at all)


Bomb THREAT?!!?!?! That must have been scary!


I'm still in elemen.tary school @Rawrbear XD

Is there more than 1 middle school in your town?