Finding Out If You Know A Hopscotcher IRL 2.0



So, the last one has disappeared off of the Forum.

If this gets closed, tell me instead of making it disappear and me having no clue why XD

This is a topic to see if you know any Hopscotchers IRL!

Find out if you know them by sharing non-specific info, like inside jokes at your school or something! Don't say anything that can lead someone bad to track you down.

Nobody has to share anything if they don't want to. Don't force people to tell you where they're from or any of their information, personal or not.

Please don't lie by saying you're someone you're not. For example, don't say you live in Ireland and go to a special school when you're really from Mississippi or something and are homeschooled. Don't even joke about it by voting an untrue answer on polls.

If anyone shares personal info such as school or adress then THT can close it.

This is a topic where you should be very careful about what you share.

Have fun!


Do you know what happened to the last one? I've wondered about that for a while...

I finally know someone on the forum :0

cough cough @lizzypotter9 XD


No idea.


Oooo Oooo I liked this!


I know @DrCrazyChicken lol

Cause she is my sister XD


I have some connection to @LavenderArts becuz we live in the same state.... does that count?


I know The Lady Galadriel. She is a close friend, and we live in the same town and share a birthday. She isn't on the forums, though.



probably not...


Ok... something people in my school will know about... well, someone accidentally pulled the fire alarm two weeks ago during lunch...
Edit: it was on Thursday...


I know @WafflePug and @SmileyAlyssa irl XD


Who thinks they may know me irl? To start off, I live in Florida.


any other californians here?

  • me :00000
  • no T^T


Votes are public.


Uhhh. I have an inside joke with a friend that goes like:
Me:There is a tree
Her: In the forest
Me: No way
Her:A tree in the forest!

P.S I live in Washington


Does anyone go to a school where there was a blackout a little while ago? School ended early :D


Does anyone go to a school where we had to dress Christmasy on Friday? Also, does anyone go to a school where one of the teachers brought her kid in on Friday? I go to a Catholic school so everyone celebrates Christmas.


Does anyone go to school which is very big and is a vegetarian school even though many students aren't vegetarian?


Does anyone go to middle school in California?



Is it in Maryland?


Nope... ;-;


Does Manaaki mean anything to anyone

Nothing personal
Just something my school is all about