Find your twin on hopscotch (2nd version)


So I got permission to make a second one since the other one isn't active. I'm a twin myself so I'm good at this.

In this topic You will find your hopscotch twin. What you you do is you write Down stuff about yourself like favorite part of coding, sports you play, hair color etc. Then the matchers will match you up with someone. You can then say who your twin is in your bio or make a project with them.

For example: my name is Ella. I love soccer, hockey, running and softball. I love sports in general. I love the red sox. I have brown hair and hazel eyes with pale skin. I love all parts of coding


@happyfacegirl and @MiracleShoutouts
@MrHotdog64 and @WinningMonkey

@JaggedJeans and @VanillaOwl and @Sweetlina


I can help match




Did the leaders approve this?


Yes that's why I said it was approved.


Umm... no offense whatsoever, but I don't think I or any of the matchers (or the Leaders) approved of this...


Maybe add some kind of temple of what to put (no personal stuff of course)?


Gilbert said if she asked the topic creator it was fine.


Proof this could be allowed


Leaders did actually and it's true that the other one isn't active


Wait, but I didn't see her ask SGS or any matcher.


That's the bit I'm confused about…



I just checked.

So technically no this isn't allowed. (Rn)


I did ask:)


Can you quote the post?


Yes, you asked, but no one really approved...


No one didn't approve though


Even though nobody said no, nobody said yes, so this topic isn't approved yet.


If it is not approved then why is this topic here?


So I can make the topic