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Find out what personality you are by taking this quick, easy, and efficient test! Comment what personality you ate!


Yeah I got the same thing!


Anyways I'm A Happy Coder :grinning:


I AM NOT SAD!! I AM HAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHAPPY!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



What???? I'm not sad!!! Can you fix it please .,. xD


HOW DAR YE CALL LE CC SAD!!! :laughing:


Lol, everyone is sad :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah, your thing is glitched. I ain't sad, and I know everyone else isn't.


What? I got happy, though I don't think I've eaten any personalities.


I got happy @Rawrbear


omg how did you do that??? what did u put in???


I will try again. After trying, I got sad... Again, even though most of my answers were happy!?


I did most of the top left.


Yes, that's the happy option.


(most of the time....)


Made an xmas one :wink: here


I really liked your quiz @PopTart0219 , but please don't call my game "rigged", ok? I put a lot of time and effort into mine. I came up with my own algorithm to come up with what personality you are. If you have any suggestions, just let me know! :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm also reworking the algorithm to fix the "always sad" issue. The problem with my algorithm was each question you selected, it added to a number. If you chose the same amount of happy answers as scared answers, it would put you somewhere in the middle. Here's it all worked out
Happy= +5
Sad= +4
Angry= +3
Scared= +2
The old algorithm was...
14-18 Scared
19-23 Angry
24-29 Sad
30-35 Joy.
I'm working on it as im typing this. I'll post a link when ready! And due to the lack of activity feed, I won't be able to thank you guys for favoriting and remixing. So I'm advance, THANK YOU!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Got it, I'll edit my post. I didn't mean rigged, I just used that word. Like how some people use hate, but they don't mean it, ya know?


I love how you added Elf to favorite movie list... I love Buddy :grinning:
Btw I was an Elf