Find Your Hopscotch Twin! ~Taking Requests~


Hey everyone!! Today and forever on we will be finding hopscotch twins!! So basically just post a little about you and The "matchers" will find your twin with whoever is the most similar! When you find your twin you can make a project or something with them! If you want, for extra you and your twin can add to your profile on the forum "My Hopscotch Twin Is"


(Only 7 People, you must be able to use a doc.)

(please only edit if you are one of these people!)

Twins!!! :heart:

@tankt2016 and @tankt2016— We are literally twins.
@SmileyAlyssa and @Dude73
@CreativeCoder and @Rawrbear
@PopTart0219 and @Gilbert189
@Calico2.0 and @Calico2.0
@RenegadeBird1 and @SnowGirl_Studios
@treefrogstudios and @DancingPineapples1
@Bubbles4Ever929 and @Kawaii_Lover
@UptownStudios and @Wookie
@Sparkczy and @GysvANDRegulus
@Holly_Aarmau and @Deadfr
@SmileyPanda and @DragonLover975
@Mathgirl and @AvocadoDont
@Intellection74 and @Kiwicute2016
@OrangeScent1 and @LotsaPizza
@PandaBlossom and @CrystalPanda
@Giraffedolphin26 and @Nerdy_coder54
@DreamyLemon and @LotsaApples
@BB-Box and @KVJ
@AmiiboTrash and @Fluffymarshmellow
@fox and @Explorer_
@DA-BEASTY and ...
@Pink_Roses and @MiNi
@Silverdolphin and @KoolM123 !
@Zachyswag and @JojoDude
@kosho and @Shamrockcat
@CandyflossClouds and @shamrockcat

1st ever triplets!

@RubyStars, @Clover_Studios, and @Sugarisyummy!
@Over_powered_wizard1 and @Murphy1!


@AmazingAlphaAquaWolf, @SmilingSnowflakes, @SkydivingWalnut, and @Fun_in_the_Sun!
@Sensei_Coder, @TappymLP, @RainbowGalaxy, and @Stampys_fans
@Zachyswag, @Zachynotswag, @zachyswagbackup, @zoomy123
Enjoy! :smiley:


@treefrogstudios, @tankt2016 (girl), @BubblegumCupcakeMix, @smishsmash, and @TheGamerNextDoor15!
@Zachyswag, @Zachynotswag, @zachyswagbackup, @zoomy123 and @JojoDude

Which hopscotchers are like me?
Twin matching questions!
Hopscotch twin! Please reply when you can

Wish I could like, and what a great topic! :smile:


Wait so you match me wilth someone? If so, can you match me right now or sooner?


Can I join the doc? :smile:


Sure! So, post a little bit about yourself on this topic and when I find someone with similar answers I will let those people know they are twins! (their might even be triplets, the world may never know)


Okay, i should probably make a hopscotch email right now. Brb! :smiley:


I'll help match people! @Dude73, adding you to my bio!


Sure! Do you just want to join a doc or be a matcher?

Ok @SmileyAlyssa i'll send the doc right now :smiley:


Can I be a matcher? This sounds super fun! :smile:


Sure! Sending the doc. @Dude73 whats your hs email? if you don't want to share just send me something random (check my bio)


I might be too late cuz my iPad decided to die, but can I join da docs?


Sure! I'll Send it right now!

No More Matchers we are full! :smiley:


Stuff about meh

I procrastinate a lot. I'm not the best of coders and I prefer to make shape art, and text art. I like to play Hopscotch and I also enjoy drawing and writing. I will most likely be seen with a book or a pencil and paper.

Don't know what else to say XD


Can I post my email, and delete it when you have it?


I can send it to you @Dude73


Sure @dude73 I'll like it when i get it
edit: nvm CC's got it unda cova


Ok! Thank you @CreativeCoder! :smile:


CreativeCoder is going to send it, she has it from a different doc. :smile:


Wait turns out i cant make my email i have to use my own. does google docs show our full name? It shows my fisrt name though.


Ok, here's a bit about myself!
I am a girl. I love animals, and having lead roles in plays. I also love singing and drawing, which are my hidden talents. I love sleeping and I am 9-12 years old. (I'm not allowed to share my real age.) who is my match/hopscotch twin?