Find Your Hopscotch twin! QUIZ


Hallo! I see you have found a twin topic! Well, What you so on this topic is, you make a poll, say who you want to complete the poll, and based on the results I will make a list of twins\triplets\Quadruplets\Quintiplets
This is like @SnowGirl_Studios topic, except she isn't active anymore, so I'm making a new one!


please sbyp, there's another topic like this by @SnowGirl_Studios :)


What does "SBYP" mean? Sry I'm a noob.


search-before-you-post ......


Good to know! Thx! Wait...Didn't @SnowGirl_Studios leave?


Well she isn't active anymore


Oh um...I don't know what to do den.


Just recycle this topic

Recycling means that you tell everyone to delete their posts and use the topic for something else.


It's already made, but you're right, she isn't active anymore and so the other one isn't used, so I see nothing wrong with having a new one, because it is a good idea, and I'm sure more people would like to take part in it.



So... are we using this topic or not?