Find your Hopscotch Mentor!


welcome to find your hopscotch mentor!

Do you ever feel as if that you need a mentor to teach you how to code better or be a better role model?

Well, now you can!

This is find your mentor!


Don't edit over the line
Don't edit someone's else thing
Be nice
No swearing
Follow the genral Guidelines
Add a (m) if your a mentor!
Ask before you add someone as your mentor!

List of people

Mentor: Pingu
Mentor: Malie
Mentor: tankt2016 (girl), models


@Gilbert189 may you please be my mentor?


I fixed a little grammar in the title :D


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Yes please!:slight_smile:


Hmm, this seems similar to the teacher and student topic here:

Is it different, and I just missed it? :sweat_smile:


I feel as if they are diffrent enough.:slight_smile:

Tell me if I am wrong!


Can you please explain why? :slight_smile:


I guess, a teacher and student is more of an actual matching topic, but this is just asking them to be your mentor.
Plus, with the teacher/student, it has teachers and heaps of students. It's like a primary/elementar.y school class.
In this one, you ask someone to be your mentor and they accept/decline.
Also, In this one, they just teach you a little and act as a role model.
In the teacher/student they give homework, do actual classes, etc.
I'm not @Huggingfluffybear but here is a thing on how they are different.


Good enough for me! :D


@SmilingSnowflakes, can you be my mentor?


I'd like a mentor in CoSine (i really need to get good at it lol)

Or I'll mentor someone in some basic CoSine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You need to be a mentor of someone!


@Bananadog or @smishsmash or @Maltese or @codingCupcake123, could one of you be my mentor?

@Huggingfluffybear, could we have more than one mentor/be more than one person's mentor?






Ye! :3

I would need some more time to teach stuff though XD


I would also need more time to learn stuff from the master. XD


Ur my mentor for ,earning German thanks for that !


I want to be a mentor lol but nobody would want to learn from a smol goatchakin like me