Find Hopscotch Friends On Scratch 2

Continuing the discussion from Find Hopscotch Friends on Scratch!:

What are you scratch usernames? Be sure to add yours!
(Please give me a link of the hopscotch studio on scratch)

EDIT: This is now a list of names
@Artistic_cat - Artistic_cat
@Aether - Skandha123 (I don’t publish my projects though)
@Ihasfluffycupcakes - Ihasfluffycupcakes
@MemorableChicken - ninjagolloyd
@Phase_Studios - Phasez
@ProgrammingHero - Fupicat
@Rawrbear - Rawrbear
@CreativeCoder - Creative_Coder
@SnowGirl_Studios - SnowGirl_Studios
@justanerd - justsomenerds
@seawolfwerehorse - seawolfwerehorse (nice name!)
@Hermione - FruityMilkshake
@AHappyCoder - A-Happy-Coder
@XBoxDash112 - SarahMS003
@AwesomeKitty - RainbowMaster1232
@Glitter_Kitty - HannahMeow
@codingCupcake123 - codingCupcake123
@Valgo - Valgo
@hopscotch_king - codestuff
@Stradyvarious - stradyvarious
@friendship2468 - friendship2468
@KuroTheHopscotcher - ahinysnivy108
@Aes2015 - aes2015
@BlackDawn - BlackDawn012
@JaszyKake - SpeedyPanacakes
@Huggingfluffybear - quinnd2006
@LazyLizard - theLazyLizard
@Work_kids_coding - work_kids_coding
@Fishyguitars - fishyguitars
@GiraffeProductions - GiraffeProductions
@MobCraft - MobCraft120
@CamMakesGames - CamMakesGames
@Intellection74 - Intellection7
@Bubblyoreo - Main: MiniDesign Backup: Bubbly_Oreo
@Mathgirl - scratchRobat
@RobotPro - GoldenKat & PixelIt (I have two accounts)
@crazygoat - crazy_goat
@BlueOrangeFangio - Fangio
@CatWithABrush- JagaNieve
@MR.GAM3R - MRxGAM3R (hardly used though)
@Snoopy- Sweet Snoopy (I’m awful at scratch and I rarely go on…)
@cash - friendship2468
@MelodiousParrot - MelodiousParrot
@Gobli09- Gobli097
@PecanPie - Amberheart04


I added myself, hope it's ok?
you can remove my name if you want.


Nah you're suppose to add yourself.



I added myself to the list., if anyone wants to check my profile out. I don't know if I have published anything (if I have, it's probably very basic, nothing amazing) and I don't use it much anymore


my projects are:
a super basic drawing thing and… dancing default characters, so…

@MemorableChicken has an awesome name.┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

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I have an account but so far I haven't coded anything
Ps my name is the same as my hopscotch name :slight_smile:

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