Find Great Projects In Newest


On Hopscotch when you go to newest you probably don't look a lot on it, do you!! I have seen some really good projects on it that only get a few likes and how about those hopscotchers that never get notifications?? They probably get sorta sad. Go heart somebody's project even if it is not the best, if at least they put some work in it!! Go so it now and when you do reply!! And Plz remember to be nice and MAKE SOMEBODY's DAY

-MYD did it!
@codingCupcake123 did it
@Gilbert189 did it
@Dude73 did it
@RubyWolf1 did it
@SmilingSnowflakes did it
@Huggingfluffybear did it


It probably doesn't have many likes because it's in Newest and hasn't been published long :stuck_out_tongue:

I get what you mean, though. I do like to sometimes browse Newest for interesting projects :wink:


I look in Newest, but I often see just remixes and random chats or artworks. I feel discouraged, but it definitely makes up for it when I see an awesome project. Then I look at the user, and I'm like "This person needs to be followed!" :joy:


Did any of you guys do it??


Looking right now :joy:


Just did a few! i did ones where people actually did coding, or it looked like they tried. I liked a few random remixes though.


I just tried it, and you are totally right! I found an excellent drawing!


Me too!!!!! I found pusheen!


I just saw the pusheen! :D
Was it drawn on @Bananadog's drawing pad?


Yeah it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I saw it too! That was cute.


Once I found a soon to be featured project in newest, and I was the first to like it.:wink:


I love looking in newest I allready like and follow a lot of people!


Was that mine or someone else's?


It was yours! :D
It's awesome!

Welcome to the forum @Poodalpop! :D
I hope you will have a super awesome time here! :D

Here is a awesome forum tutorial!


Thanks you so much @SmilingSnowflakes:blush:


That's the one I saw! It's so cute!


Can you guys GBOT plz!! Sorry