Find descriptions of blocks



Help info for each block

Just in case you haven't noticed yet, you can find out extra info about each coding block by long-pressing it. Here are screenshots.

If you have the current update (Hopscotch version 3) here's a pic:

If you have the older update (Hopscotch 2.0), details here.

1) Tap on the block you want to find out more about, and you'll see the menu on the left pop up.
At the top-right corner of the menu, you'll see the question mark (in the picture it is marked with a black arrow).

2) Press and hold down on the question mark, and you'll see the extra information show!

The information explains what the block does, and an idea you can use it for. This info appears for most blocks.

Edit: The tutorial project mentioned in here is no longer up to date, but you can still refer to it if you want as the descriptions are still the same. The Hopscotch Team have updated a lot of descriptions now (which is great!)

If you want to find out more about a block but it doesn't have a description, don't worry Funky 63 and I made a Hopscotch tutorial project.

It includes all the information you get from pressing the question mark, plus extra as well (the link is for Hopscotch v2.12).

How-tos: Hopscotch Tips and Tricks
Gobli's General Topic II 🤔

Thanks! Can you update it when more blocks are added?


Yeah! Can you update it? :grinning:


This tutorial is updated for the current version of Hopscotch. It might be helpful for the new update, particularly if you were wondering about the new maths functions :)

As for the Hopscotch tutorial project I mentioned at the end, I had trouble with it during version v2.15 since it wouldn't publish for some reason. I might come back to it, but the Hopscotch Team have updated a lot of descriptions too so you might not need it. I think I also caught this tip in one of the loading screens.


Wow, Long time no see @t1_hopscotch! It's great to see you on the forum again :smiley:


Wow, great tutorial! :3

I wouldn't have ever noticed that in the new update if I didn't read this XD

BTW I just wanna say that I'm a big fan ceiling fan and I love your projects and you're an awesome person because you remix projects with advice and help and I'm so grateful that you like every single one of my projects and follow me so thanks so much for that and everything else you've done to help others on the forum and you will always be one of my senpais <3

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