Find a New Person!


When was the last time you found and followed a good coder that isn’t well-known? Popularity isn’t everything, but I know for myself that a lot of my confidence to keep coding and waiting on a featured was because of likes and follows by “popular” users while I was still developing. For instance, when @KVJ liked two of my projects that I had tried putting effort in, it showed me that if I kept trying, I would achieve greater things. Like I said, popularity isn’t everything, but it is a good feeling to know that you just made a person who gets no attention feel like a champion.

A very few users achieve what they would call “famous,” so the majority of the rest loses motivation and either leaves or remixes constantly. We all had that time when five likes per project was the average, and ten likes on a project was an achievement. We all had, and some still are in, that time without a rising, trending, or featured. Of course, that’ll just because someone has two followers doesn’t always mean that they are a bad coder. We have so many users with great potential that haven’t taken advantage of their talents because of no motivation.

Popularity doesn’t affect talent, but we can put a smile on someone’s face today and give them momentum to become “popular” and pursue great things. How do we do this and why? I don’t do it as much as I want to, but occasionally, I look around for talented users that receives maybe five likes per project. I flip through their account and make sure they don’t have way too many remixes, and if they don’t, I follow them. Rising is also a great place to check out on a semi-regular basis. As to why, the joy of making someone else happy should be enough, but it could possibly impact our economy. The next Steve Jobs could be waiting. Also, those of you concerned about too many remixes and not enough coded projects should support this because this is pretty much rewarding people for coding. Now, go and find an unnoticed user and share their username or one of their projects on this topic.



I’m somewhat famous in the old members’ community but noobs don’t care.


Oof k


You might look what @MyPizza said about this in MPHOTY 2018.


Great post! I’m sure it will be very helpful to the community!


Couldn’t agree more with you, Sophia

First suggestion thing of the topic is GeorgeBros cuz he’s actually a pretty good coder and makes a lot of stuff using the basic blocks like we all used to. He makes super good projects considering when he started and the level he’s at now. And here’s the bias; he’s my friend irl, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not awesome and completely unnoticed. Kinda like IcedSickle when she first joined, then you guys did awesome stuff for her
He did leave tho, I think. Not sure if he’s coming back because the school ipads got taken away and I think they use laptops now


I’ll remember to check him out later!

So many likes on the first post but barely anyone says anything.


I agree with that. I remember you from the old days, and I´m happy that you still are on here!

Also, I think that this topic is a really good idea. What you said is absolutely correct and really inspiring :slight_smile:



Yeah lol true I noticed that and then kinda felt obligated to say something


Aww, thanks. I don’t feel like I will ever fully leave the forum behind. Even though now I’ve been fairly inactive, it still holds a special place in my heart.


i would, but i don’t have hs anymore ://

and yeah, popularity seriously doesn’t matter. your true friends will stick around and that’s all that matters :))


Why does that last line make me smile so much?


I know, they just started two days ago and their projects aren’t great, but they are already experimenting with different coding components.


I don’t remember when I started to follow a new person last time lol


this is so me lol wipes tear


It was my parrot’s flight game and something else. Then I gave you a shoutout and you liked that.


Haha back when shoutouts were an actual thing :joy:


Go check out Pizza peep🍕
They seriously can’t be new. They’re so good.



Go check out Ember in Snow! They are very auspicious in trail art.


Also, folks, go check out @Stylishpoopemoji33