Find a friend with friend characteristics


How do you find a friend? What characteristics do you look for? Are you friends with the sporty kids, the nerdy kids, the kids into surfing or are you friends with everyone? Here you can look for a friend with the characteristics you like. Once you find someone with the characteristics you like then feel free to talk with each other . You can be in more than one category.


@tylerdabeast (boy)
@PercyJackson9 (girl)
@BellaWafflez17 (girl)


@PercyJackson9 (girl)
@Zachyswag (boy)
@PrincessBunny1 (girl)
@StarryDream (girl)
@MR.GAM3R (boy)
@Glitter_Kitty (girl)
@JojoDude (boy)

music lover

@PercyJackson9 (girl)
@BellaWafflez17 (girl)
@MR.GAM3R (boy)
@lollypopcorn (girl)


@PercyJackson9 (girl)
@PrincessBunny1 (girl)
@StarryDream (girl)
@BellaWafflez17 (girl)
@anikeony (girl)
@Glitter_Kitty (girl)
@lollypopcorn (girl)


@Tylerdabeast (boy)

soccer player

@PrincessBunny1 (girl)
@ella_13 (girl)



volleyball player

@PrincessBunny1 (girl)

[details=cute stuff lover]
@lollypopcorn (girl)
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Nerdy, sporty, artist, music lover


I am nerdy

Easy nerd

We all know dis :nerd:


This was so easy to fill out!


Soccer player, Artist, coder,volleyball,and nerdy
I am a girl


I am an artistic and slightly nerdy female!



Let's see
This is the only characteristic slightly closest to my characteristics. Lol
Artist :art:


Cool topic! There are quite a few other ones like this though.


Nerdy and Artist!
Imma girl, btw.


Ehh, it's an interesting idea, but the truth is, these categories don't define people. Much less define friendships.

For example, I never knew I'd ever be friends with someone who is really bad at academics and is eligible for being pushed back several grades. But she's an amazing friend to me not because of the category she was placed in by society, but because of her personality.

And I doubt anyone who knows me, as a friend or as an enemy or as a neutral, knows me as "fangirl who likes anime". I'd like to say I'm a bit more than that.

And even just people. You don't mark people because of what they've been constrained to by society or by other label-passers, even you yourself. You don't know people like that. You judge people like that, but that's not how you know people.

Take the nerd category. I classify as a nerd by almost all definitions of "nerd" I can find. My friend @OrEndA also classifies as one by many definitions. But are we alike? No! We are actually very different. Our takes on life and our outlooks on how tasks are accomplished, even our overall genres of science are far-off from each other.
Are we friends? Yes.
But are we the same just because we're both female and are both nerds? No, not at all.

This is a very interesting idea, though, and I'm interested to see how it plays out.


Thanks @Tylerdabeast!


I'm a girl.

I don't know about those I like cute stuff and music and art lol


Music and Volleyball :DD

Im "ok" at art xD

I'm a good dancer too c: