Find-a-Fren Official!


Ok, Frens, big news. Find-a-Fren is now open!


I know sometimes in the forums you can feel lonely. Even if you have plenty of people to talk to, you sometimes just need to know/need someone to talk to, or to get help/support from. Someone who understands you, someone who has similar personality/hobbies as you. And that's where I come in! All you have to do is fill out a simple form, and I'll do my best to find you a Fren/chakin/avacado etc. I hope this can be a good way for people to connect with other hops, and feel less lonely! I may have some squads for three-four people who are similar. I ask that you not ask to be paired with a certain person because that could make others feel bad. Ok, now, if you want a Fren, go fill out this form!

What do you look for in a friend:

Fren Pairs

@PixelMaster64 and @Bubbles4Ever929
@Mei-The-Riolu and @Kitkat26
@GoatLord and @Murphy1
@Maltese and @Catface4
@Silver_girl and @BB-Box
@Jess888 and @PenguinGaming713
@Candycane and @Hoppertoscotch
@Sparkczy and @BrokenTime new
@BB-Box and @Murphy1
@BB-Box and @Candycane


@Rainboom @LazyLizard @smishsmash

Waiting for Pairs




We are Friends!
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My username is LazyLizard
I'm 12

I'm shy but I can be mischievous with my friends. I love animals and I'm super athletic, and sports rock! (I'm saying this as I'm watching soccer) (after a swim meet) I also like Madden and Minecraft. And Vine.



All my frens on the forum :3

And much more to find :3


I could like again but only like one post.

Y u do dis forum

here's a like anyways,

*Gices liek


You are my fren 2!!!!

My frens are
and a lot more!


First frens!

@PixelMaster64 and @Bubbles4Ever929
I chose you to for each other because you both said you like art and video games! Pixel said he was funny, and I found Bubbles personality description kind of funny. I hope you guys make good friends! Also your age difference isn't that big.


flips table
Here's one!




Wait... Neva mind XD
fixes table


Thank you chaikin fren @PixelMaster64

It's beautiful c:


Also I have 2 best frens which are @SmilingSnowflakes and @Maltese


Thank u! :3


U me fren and @KVJ me fren.


Yey! :D

You r one of my #1 frens!


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So are you!!

puts on determined face

watches more soccer

yells at TV because why not



Just to clarify all you chakins, this is to pair you with people you wouldn't normally hang out with :3 And, I'm making le Fren pairs. But I may get some pairers. Of course every one us friends with everybody, but I make the frens. Lol :joy: Jk.

Basically it just confuses me (idk why) when everybody says, these are my friends, these are my friends etc. so if you mind not posting that that would be great c: