Finally poring pad


It's out the new poring pad check it out and give it some love :blush: Also tell me below what you think

Poring pad:


Good Job! I love it!


Amazing, but the width doesn't work.


The width worked really well for me. :thinking:


Its nice! Here is my poring:

(I didnt publish it though because i was on my secret account, on that secret account i dont publish remixes.)

P.S The width worked for me.


The new one is amazing! And the width does work, I didn't know it wasn't supposed to work on the first step. My poring:

I named it "Rainbow" and wrote it in rainbow letters.


I gave you a nice topic! Poring Pad is awesome! :smile:


Thanks so much @Rawrbear


By the way @Wookie, my remix of the pad (didn't change it, just had my drawing) got on Trending. It's way down, don't bother looking for it. Anyway, you can have 75% of the credit. Plus it got less likes and plays than yours.