Finally got the forums



I've been putting this off for too long, i think I'm the last person to sign up :sweat_smile:


Hey there welcome to the forum your awesome and you rock and you are so cool becusse you are a Sweg bear like me!

Type @Huggingfluffybear if you need help!


@Huggingfluffybear Thanks! ^_^


Yay! A new member! :D

Super glad you're here! You'll have limited replies your first day, because the forum doesn't trust you yet. Don't worry, it's automated, you'll be able to post more after you're active for a bit. :D

If you need help, tag me like this: "@Gilbert189"!

You're gonna love it here!



No problem!

You should read the guidelines and some things coming from me!

Never share info just no I wish I never shared my age and name! But it's your life I think those are okay to share!

Don't share your face!

I mean you could but people could get mad!

And be a good little bear and don't be greedy and eat to much honey, honey!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hello! Welcome to the hopscotch forum, @Sierra_bear. :D

Here is the community guidelines! :D

Have a super fun, happy, good time here! :D


Wow, so many replies in less than ten minutes :joy:


Hey! I love your profile pic! You will love it here!
Remember to...

  • Keep all post/topics related to Hopscotch
  • Have Fun
  • Don't let personal info get into a post/topic.

You can type this @Fun_in_the_Sun, and I'll get a notification telling you need me.


It's busy here everyone's on a lot!

Definitely check out @hopscotch_king!

He's really nice helpful and caring and as well @Paydent12!


Defiantly will! Thanks for being so welcoming :slight_smile:



I hope you have a great time here!11!1!1!11! :D


Thanks @Huggingfluffybear :D

Welcome to the forums! Like @Gilbert189 said, use your replies likely, because you only have so many!

One of our biggest rules here is to stay on topic-- meaning all topics should somehow relate to Hopscotch! Most new people make this mistake, but it looks like you've got the hang of things already! Have fun foruming!

Also, if you need me, just type '@paydent12', and I'll come!


Welcome to the forum @Sierra_bear! Have a good stay at the Hopscotch Forum hotel (XD)!




howdy! i'm @hopscotch_king!
@hopscotch_king the hopscotcher!


No problem!:blush:


You definatly won't be the last! @Sierra_bear
It's ok there will be many more new hopscotchers you can welcome!


Looks like everyone already got you covered but your going to have a great time here!
Have fun! :D
P.s. Thanks for the compliment!


You're definitely not the last person to join! We get new users every day!


Also, I'm going to ask you a question in another topic since you're a new user, it would really help…


And no problem!:smile:

I love to welcome!


A belated welcome to the forum!

If you ever want help just type "@KVJ"!