Final RocketSquare V3 + screenshot


Ok guys so here is my final version on RocketSquare hope you guys enjoy it took forever to finalize but I got it




first. kewl! few things i might change...


maybe you could add color to the title? and im not sure about keeping parenthesis on the face since its... on a square


That's the final version I think xD I like it


yeah... i dont think a colored title would work anyway.


Have you played the game??


whats even funnier is that it has only been 11 hours!
okay... bug report.

no real bugs, but the grass is something you should revert and fix to v2. just my opinion, dont listen if you want. Otherwise, good job! I like the flame particles :3


my score was around 38 i think


Cooooooooooool! Cool cool cool cool I love this game



That is pretty good !!


My score 200 xD


This game is just soo cool! It deserves featured, great job!


I made one for the challenge this week so I hope xD


Ooooooooo lol good score :smiley:


You see the one for the challenge of the week


I don't knows yet lol


No no I made a RocketSquare for the challenge


Cool lol I didn't see yet what's this weeks challenge?