Final Result Election discussion



I understand wanting someone fresh, and I am happy Trump wants to deal with terrorism.

But I disagree with you on the immigrants part. I don't think it's fair to say they all are bad, some actually word really hard and help out our country. Some are bad, yes, but so are Americans! We can't blame that on them. Also, Trump is the one taking a bunch of workers from other countries and bringing them here to build his buildings and do his labor. Illegally. It's a little ironic, you know?


My family's a immigrant and life will be hard for at least it's only 4 years of torture


What do you mean? My parents are immigrants as well, but so is all of America, if you think about it. The Pilgrims came here for freedom and a better life, the reason most people immigrate today.


He harasses women and such it's really bad


After all the things that he's said, how could the majority of Americans vote for him? It's really hard to get over this. I need some comfort. :disappointed::worried::pensive::slight_frown::frowning::persevere::cold_sweat:


That's totally true. But I'm saying we do have to deal with illegal immigration. Legal immigration is fine.

But we have illegal immigration coming in taking jobs, sometimes even killing or drug dealing.


That is true @codingCupcake123


@Rawrbear, you replied to me and said the only bad thing Obama did was Obamacare.

I disagree with that.

The economy was horrible, the national debt went up more than it had in over 300 years just in Obama's 8 years.

Unemployment rates went up, poverty went up. Obama didnt do much to resolve what is happening in the Middle East, or about the number of shootings and police brutality going on.

This is just a sample. I could go on.


Is the Middle East our problem though?


I mean, I might be OK with Trump being president if he were less racist. He's discriminated against Muslims, Latinos, women, and more.

He's somewhat OK when he isn't being so rude to most Americans.


That's a big question, so for now I'm just going to say we are in a war on terror. Americans have been killed over there.

Are we at war with Syria and why/why not? Bigger question.


Oh I didn't know that sorry I thought you meant something was going on there that didn't involve America


Oh, wow. I didn't know any of that. That's pretty crazy!


There's too much about this on the news...


I do agree with most of what you said, but I thought the national debt went down. Bush gave Obama a terrible economy, and Obama actual lowered I slept significantly. There is still a tremendous dept, but Obama did help.

But everything else, true.


Guess what happened at my school for the past 2 days?

8 kids were suspended. Before that, my school had only had 2 suspensions in this school year and last school year! Also, 2 kids were expelled. EXPELLED! That has never happened to my school before. We are known in my district for being the "safest" school.

Do you know why those 10 kids were asked to leave yesterday and Tuesday? They were picking on Hispanics. About a third or a fourth of my school is Hispanic, and with the election, other kids were verbally and physically hurting them.

Not. Cool.

And for that, we were on the news. I would show the link, but it has my school's name in it.

The teachers were talking about it all day, saying its not okay. Trump was being racist, something only some of us could excuse. I was willing to forgive him for that, and have an open mind about him during the election. But he was elected. In some people's minds, he was basically rewarded for being racist. Now kids at my school are thinking it's okay. It's not.

Has anybody else been experiencing this?




Not at all. The kids in my school would never do that. Our school is kinda different.
But I can imagine that happening in some other schools. That's just horrible.
And I bet I would get picked on, along with many other of the kids in my school. We are all a mix of many different cultures, some of which racist people won't,


No Offence,

But that is kind of mean because not all Islams are assains.
Plus, that is also very offensive to me.
I know that the Americans are scared but that doesn't mean we're all bad :)


I didn't even mention Islam in my post, other than that something needs to be done about terrorism.