Final Result Election discussion



only use this when the president has been choosen and you need comfort and to talk about it lol


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i dont know. i didnt see any flags


I didn't either. Anyways, lets GBOT


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I don't want to watch ads. I want to know who the president is


If Clinton don't win, she can demand a recount so as Trump. Maybe, it would turn in their favor but the percentage of the recount ever turning in the other persons favor is 0.001.
:thinking: I'm thinking :thought_balloon:...... voting for third party is better because both Hilary and Trump have their bad sides and good sides. It is not possible the third party will win so I'm 4 Hilary.


Just keep ur fingers crossed patiently


Yeah, good point. The majority of the states has voted for Trump. I think he's going to win :cry::weary::tired_face::sob::confounded::cold_sweat::scream:


I doubt it. I don't want him to lose. This is going to be very close, but I strongly suspect Hillary is going to win.


Really? Well, I suppose there's a lot of votes to come


Okay. I'll only post when the president has been chosen.


It's possible but extremely difficult to make that happen. All the same, I'm 4 Hilary. It's late to do anything now. Just chill, watch who would win, and see if there's a recount. :massage: And see who it turns out in the favor of.




Well, I was supporting hillary but...


I happen to be supporting Hillary, and I also thought of the terrible things Trump did.

I know, Hillary wasn't good either, but I feel like I'm missing something.

What is the good things about Trump? What makes you want him to win? Not the negatives about Hillary, but what's so great about Trump?


The main thing was I did not want Hillary to win. I think he's better than her, doesn't mean he's good though.

I think it's good to have someone fresh in the office. People are sick of politicians. Trump has some common sense ideas America wants. He also wants to deal with terrorism. While his methods of wanting to deal with illegal immigrants are extreme, i think something needs to happen with that. They are taking jobs while breaking the law and while law abiding Americans starve.


I just don't like trump becuase on how the trump adds how they take footage from what HE said and then was able to use it not edited or anything just like the "bomb the-----------"

Like that's not used out of context or anything and then the old footage.

And in every add criticizing Hillary, they just say "Hillary will take your guns away so you won't have safety"

They don't show any proof

So yeh the fact that they can do that is really showing trump is bad


He says he'll create jobs, but do people believe him? He's said so many controversial things...


I need some comfort.

I'm trying to look on the bright side but that's not working. I also ran out of ice cream last night