Final Goodbye (Goodbye, Forums)

Hi… I am very sad :cry:, everybody ha.tes me on the forums, I feel like I shouldn’t be here… I do not want to live in a website of mean people, so I am doing what is right. I will leave the forums. I do not know if I will come back. (I will still be active on my Hs account)
Feel free to reply, I will not reply back but maybe read it.

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i don’t really know you, and i can’t make you stay, leaving is a choice. but gl in real life and the hs app :pray::heart:
tho i don’t think everyone dislikes you, i for one think you seem nice.

also these topics aren’t allowed, so this’ll probably get closed haha

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Welp it’s your choice whether to leave or not but just so you know the forum doesn’t hate you one bit.

From what I got, your topic was going to get merged because there was already one, and you got super sad, and it got merged anyway, then you called the leader who merged the topic, and got all upset and mad, and now you’re leaving because of that…?

Ok doesn’t seem like a big deal whatsoever, or a reason to leave (in my opinion — sounds like a mountain made out of a molehill, to me, it’s one tiny mistake which can be learned from) but ok.
Your choice.

Welp there’s only one world you can reach rn and that’s earth so you really don’t have a choice — wait what mean people??

Wait how do you know if it’s right or wrong lol
Btw posts about leaving aren’t allowed so this will definitely get closed.
But good luck irl!

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I hope you enjoy your leave if you decide to go. We wish the best for you whether you are with us or not, but unfortunately these posts are not allowed, so a leader will probably close it.


I think that just because a few topics got merged with another one isn’t really a reason to leave. We don’t try to be mean, actually being mean is against the guidelines. The only reason that your topics were getting merged was because 1) there already is topic on that, 2) or maybe it just got closed because it was spam. We don’t try to be mean, it’s just that we don’t want clutter and all sorts. I think you should stay, but if not, then good luck irl


Sorry for everyone to reply after this post, but I cannot get to read yours. Please wish me good luck irl. (A leader might close this) i am removing my keychain from this website.


Should I leave?

  • Yes
  • No

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Okay I am coming back my room and my room upstairs